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  1. alittleoff

    California catalytic convertor advice

    I moved out 5 years ago. But I’m back in SoCal now to drag another TJ back home to MT.
  2. alittleoff

    The good news thread

    Well we hope that you bought a raffle ticket for that poor deprived child. I just bought a 2021 Polaris Quad from my neighbor and I feel like a kid again. I hope I don't fall off of it a break my ass, considering that I'm recovering from having 2 Stents stuck in my heart.
  3. alittleoff

    Water Bottle for TJ

    Ah yes, and a gold one for the motorcade behind the courtroom.
  4. alittleoff

    Best places to retire?

    In terms of tacos and trails, Montana is not the choice for you. They know their beef but not tacos. The trails are mostly fire roads and logging roads. I hear the fishing is great but the bears are coming out of hibernation. So a fisherman in a sleeping bag or tent is just a burrito to them.
  5. alittleoff

    What other projects are you working on?

    On occasion, the neighbor Lady will 'borrow' me to help her with some 'mussel ' work, as long as it's not brain work, I'm fine. But then I can and do borrow her JD tractor, Z-turn mower, boom truck for trimming trees and plow truck to clear the snow from our neighborhood roads. And I also...
  6. alittleoff

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Haha. That thought and pic makes me wonder what the heavy equipment that I used to operate would look like standing on its hind legs.
  7. alittleoff

    Towing this pig

    IIRC, I think my 14' Big Tex weights about 1,600#. But I've put wider wheels and heavier tires on it. I've also got air bags on the rear of the 4R. All said and done, my combo would have been about +/- 6,500 # for that trip. That why I'm going with the tow dolly.
  8. alittleoff

    Car pics too cool not to share

    Lincoln (Log) Truck
  9. alittleoff

    The unfortunate JKU & JLU of the day thread

    I had to do a double take on that red pipe protecting the roof structure.
  10. alittleoff

    Sell my LJ and buy a TJ?

    Build, buy or rent a trailer as needed. And then get your dear Mrs. a classic CJ 5 or CJ 7 with an automatic and a heated seat upgrade of course. Let her show it off for those couple of days a week. My Wife would love to have another ol’ school VW Bug. Except for the old basket weave vinyl...
  11. alittleoff

    Sell my LJ and buy a TJ?

    I say buy a trailer. I built mine in the late ‘90’s and its been my trail, trash and part time hauler ever since.
  12. alittleoff

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Hard to follow “delayed” gravy. But now that I’m in SoCal for a few more days, I’m going to hit up my favorite Mandarin and Sushi restaurants in town. I’ve already been to the little hole in the wall Mex place near me a few times and I’m going to stop by the Mexican bakery for a few dozen...
  13. alittleoff

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    The gravy is Soy sauce.
  14. alittleoff

    Just got this ARB deflator

    I’m not complaining, I kinda like the head rush I get when I stand back up. And it gives me a chance to check for loose nuts and any additional tire damage.
  15. alittleoff

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    Or maybe the wipers stopped working and they’re using the artificial sunlight to dry the glass.
  16. alittleoff

    Just got this ARB deflator

    I have one but it’s kind of a hassle working around my locking hubs. And tried those auto deflators but very inconsistent. So I went a different route and got some air tank drain valves that I drilled and tapped on the opposite side of the valve stem. And I just clip my air gauge to the valve...
  17. alittleoff

    Car pics too cool not to share

    Riding flat and not in a depression. My Dad worked out a deal for who knowns what… had a ‘68 A1, that was painted ‘Cat’ yellow by the PO. and had it dropped off at our house when my sister and I were in school. Mom was at work. And it was not in driving condition. The motor, trans, t/c, diffs...
  18. alittleoff

    Car pics too cool not to share

    And if the BO light is OEM, it’s an A1.
  19. alittleoff

    Jeeps at the Seattle Museum of Flight

    Now that I have a decent shop to work in, I wish that I still had my old ‘43 GPW.