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  1. Jerry Bransford

    Stoney Lonesome 5/31 - 6/3

    I'm not back but I cannot resist posting this photo of a great bunch of guys, thanks for making this such a memorable trip!! It was MORE than worth its effing 10 hour drive both ways lol.
  2. Jerry Bransford

    What jack should I get?

    Place a 4x4 underneath it to get your tire off the ground. Blocks of wood under jacks are common.
  3. Jerry Bransford

    42RLE problem

    Call him.
  4. Jerry Bransford

    42RLE problem

    Have you called Mark yet to discuss it?
  5. Jerry Bransford

    P0700 with a P0720 code erratic shifting

    Replacing the PCM with one from Wranglerfix that permanently fixes the problem is an easy 5-10 minute job. No special tools or technical expertise needed. Unplug the old PCM, plug the new one in.
  6. Jerry Bransford

    Rubicon Transmission Swap

    I'm a big fan of converting from a manual to an automatic transmission, I did the conversion to my previous TJ for offroading purposes. But I absolutely would not do for your TJ so just because your wife is having the normal initial struggles mastering the transmission. My youngest daughter...
  7. Jerry Bransford

    Am I the only one who thinks a snorkel on a TJ is crazy?

    They don't help there at all, it just places the intake out in the middle of it. Especially if you're not the lead vehicle.
  8. Jerry Bransford

    Possible MPG problem

    Good question, my guess is that has to be the reason.
  9. Jerry Bransford

    Possible MPG problem

    5.38 is only possible when both axles are Dana 44.
  10. Jerry Bransford

    Possible MPG problem

    Yes, 5.13 is it for the Dana 30.
  11. Jerry Bransford

    Free Jeep

    Any vehicle can cost big $$$. I've spent far more on my 2013 Genesis sedan repairs in the last two months than I've spent on repairs for my TJ since I bought it 14 years ago. Bad struts last year. Then there were massive deep/loud clunks while driving developed the last two months. Had to...
  12. Jerry Bransford

    Pros and cons 1310 vs 1350 yoke

    1310 size u-joints is what the TJ (non-Rubicon) came with. 1350 is oversize for a TJ for even most very aggressively built TJs. 1350 size u-joints are also big enough to restrict droop. I stupidly went against Tom Wood's recommendations for 1330 size u-joints for a new rear driveshaft years...
  13. Jerry Bransford

    Lifted Truck Aggression?

    Nope, never noticed that either. And a big welcome to WTF! :)
  14. Jerry Bransford

    RockJock upgrade from original sway bar

    You won't regret it. I've been running an Antirock on its least-stiff setting since around 2002 even when it was a daily driver.
  15. Jerry Bransford

    Metalcloak or Savvy in salt environment?

    I still call it a Currie Johnny Joint because it was developed by John Currie who it was named after. It's now sold by Rockjock4x4, of course, but to me it'll always be a Currie Johnny Joint... sold by Rockjock4x4.
  16. Jerry Bransford

    What jack should I get?

    That's why I showed him in the photo how to position the factory jack it so it reaches the axle. Alternatively, if my above jacking method isn't liked, carry a short 4x4 block of wood to set the factory jack on.
  17. Jerry Bransford

    What jack should I get?

    X2, this is my OEM factory jack getting my 35's 3" off the floor. It's all I carry offroad. It'll get 37's off the ground too, they are only 1" taller than 35's when measured between the floor and axle.
  18. Jerry Bransford

    Breather bellows

    I'd stick with the OE rubber hose which is more rugged than vinyl.
  19. Jerry Bransford

    Chipped ignition key

    X2, try using your second gray ignition key. It happened to my wife's Grand Cherokee, her second key worked fine.
  20. Jerry Bransford

    Rubicon Locker Mystery Mod

    Get yourself an inversion board Andy and use it when needed. They work by pulling the spine straight from the weight of your upper body pulling downward on it to help stop it from pinching nerves. I have a really bad back including occasionally really sciatica pain from injuring it 35 years ago...