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  1. LarryTJ

    Utah Official TJ Fest 2024

    I'm not able to attend unfortunately.
  2. LarryTJ

    Utah Official TJ Fest 2024

    Count me out. The prior x2's I attended had a blast, maybe next year if the Arizona Peace Trail wheeling trip/dates doesn't conflict.
  3. LarryTJ

    GPX Moab tracks

    Can someone point me to a reputable website that has GPX tracks for Moab? I believe in 2021/2022 someone posted the GPX files for Moab, but I searched and came up empty. TIA
  4. LarryTJ

    Dana 30 differential fluid change out found small pieces of metal

    Changed the fluid on the front differential and found approximately half dozen small pieces of metal attached to the drain plug. Largest piece of metal was 1/16. Background on this Dana 30: Re-Gear @ 114,000K miles followed by Eaton E-Locker install at 116,000K miles and now at 120K miles. I...
  5. LarryTJ

    SOLD Heavy Duty Steel Gas Tank Skid (3/16" steel plate)

    Great condition 3/16" steel skid.
  6. LarryTJ

    California OEM Rear Bumper

    Buyer pays shipping or pick up locally.
  7. LarryTJ

    California OEM Front bumper recovery hooks w/hardware

    Buyer pays shipping or pick up locally.
  8. LarryTJ

    SOLD Tailgate Bumper Bump Stop Set of 4 w/Hardware

    Buyer pays for shipping or pick up locally.
  9. LarryTJ

    California Jerry Can Mount

    Buyer pays for shipping or pick up locally.
  10. LarryTJ

    California Stainless Steel Light Bracket

    Pair of stainless steel light brackets. Buyer pays for shipping.
  11. LarryTJ

    SOLD Jeep Wrangler TJ HardTop

    FITS 1997-2006 JEEP WRANGLER TJ. Outside is in great condition, the inside window tint is peeling, the inside carpet could need a refresh or remove and replace with RAPTOR Liner or something similar.
  12. LarryTJ

    Looking for 35 inch tire recommendations

    I'm looking to replace my GOODYEAR MT/R 35" (only have 4/32 left). Background: Non daily driver, 4.56 gears, 3.5" lift. West Coast so little to no snow. I was looking at the BF Goodrich 35x12.50R15 Tire, Mud-Terrain T/A KM3. Anyone running these? Pros/Cons? Would you buy them again...
  13. LarryTJ

    Utah TJ Fest 2022 Team America 2.0

    I would like to join you all Mon-Tues-Weds.
  14. LarryTJ

    Utah TJ Fest 2022

    Yes, Fins and Hells. Metal Masher looks doable (probably by-pass or get winched up Widow Maker).
  15. LarryTJ

    Utah TJ Fest 2022

    Were arriving Friday (4/22) for the week. Probably hike and mountain Bike 4/23-4/24 unless there are others who arrive early that we can team up with. With that said the trails I was thinking of are (not in any order and I would like to team up so were not wheeling solo): 1. Fins. 2. Poison...
  16. LarryTJ

    GMRS or HAM radio?

    I have a HAM basic operator license and what I like is when the significant other and I go remote camping I'll look up prior to heading out the repeater frequencies to use. So assuming there is no cell phone coverage in the area and an emergency comes up I can call out on the repeater frequency...
  17. LarryTJ

    SOLD Soft top

    By chance do you know if that make and model came with Windshield Brackets? (See attached photo) Background. I purchased a used Bestop supertop and PO didn't have the brackets. If there available I'm interested in buying to include shipping cost that would be great.
  18. LarryTJ

    Front end noise

    The going down hill VID almost sounds like bushing in your control arm noise, where as the other VID going uphill and rolling back sounds like possible your fan hitting the shroud. I see you have the Savvy body lift what about motor mount lift? When was the last time your greased the...
  19. LarryTJ

    2005 TJ Rubicon - $12k , 163k miles, clean title - San Fernando, CA

    When there priced that low they move fast. I picked up a 04 Rubi with 133K miles for 14.5K last year and when I arrived to look it over and test drive it the owner mentioned he had 5 full cash offers over the phone and multiple others waiting in line behind me.
  20. LarryTJ

    Lots of people selling TJs because of high fuel prices

    Your taking it to your grave it sounds like(y)