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  1. Powers145

    Ope is going under the knife.

    Been a busy few weeks. I got the Iron Rock Offroad flat belly long arm installed sitting at a 4" lift and raised the belly up 3.5" so tons more ground clearance. Installed the jk rubicon axles and some 4.88 gears. Iron rock 4 link exhaust kit installed. Last but not least a 1 ton over the...
  2. Powers145

    Transfer case interchangeability

    I was able to find an XJ 231J and swapped over my Slip yoke eliminator into it. I was trying to figure out if all 231J cases were good donors or if it had to be TJ specific 231j
  3. Powers145

    Transfer case interchangeability

    I cracked my t case housing on my LJ last night from stupidity. I am having a hard time finding a front case half. If my internals are all good and i need just a front case half does anyone know if a 231D front case half will swap to a 231j rear case half?
  4. Powers145

    Ope is going under the knife.

    decided to hit the RTI ramp to get a baseline to see how well the Long arm lift will improve!! scored a 582. Then pulled Ope into the shop and got the axles out from under him!
  5. Powers145

    Ope is going under the knife.

    Here is my 05 LJ nicknamed "Ope". Currently has a 2" Rubicon Express short arm lift and 35 STT Pro tires with no lockers and 3.73 gears. I am swapping in front and rear 08 JK Rubicon axles that i geared to 4.88 and have the factory E lockers. With the axles being swapped decided its the perfect...
  6. Powers145

    WTB: Found

    Looking for a known good trans or a core that i can rebuild please let me know what you have!
  7. Powers145

    Minnesota NSG370 SWAP

    trans has 142k so the list is for the transmission. shifter assembly, pedal assembly, pcm, complete engine and trans harness with fuse box. fuel pump wires will be cut, dash harness and any other parts i need to pull to swap in my 42rle. I am willing to ship and will work with the right person...
  8. Powers145

    Picked up a set of JK Rubicon axles

    Picked up a set of jk Rubicon axles with 4.88 gears tonight for the LJ project!!