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  1. egclassic

    Replacing washing machine water valves

    Been a plumber for 32 years now, and I still can't bring myself to use Shark-bite fittings, LOL. I do use a lot of pro-press but still like soldering too. For your repair, I would just pick up a couple of these and be done...
  2. egclassic

    Jeep Wrangler X illegally sold

    Kind of like the bullshit squatters rights!
  3. egclassic

    Mothers Back to Black is amazing

    They haven't yet and I did it about 3 years ago. They use this same procedure on plastic stadium seating too.
  4. egclassic

    Mothers Back to Black is amazing

    I used a heat gun on my old faded fender flares and it worked better than anything "applied", but have to be careful not to melt it.
  5. egclassic

    Transmission shifting issues

    2000 4.0 with auto transmission, 98650 miles. I've had this jeep for several years now, not a daily driver, and never really liked the way it shifts. If I take off at a "normal" pace, it upshifts from 2nd to 3rd very quickly. It also doesn't seem to downshift when needed either. Today I decided...
  6. egclassic

    Re-gearing Question

    I have a 2000 TJ Sport 4.0 Auto with the stock 3.07 gears with 32" tires on a 2.5" lift. I've know this thing needs re-geared since I've bought it 5 or so years ago but have been procrastinating. It is not my daily Driver so it always takes the back seat to other projects. Sorry, but I'm no gear...
  7. egclassic

    Rusted out

    Agreed! I have Wool-waxed all my vehicles, including the jeep.
  8. egclassic

    LED headlight recommendations

    I know this is probably as bad as the "which oil & filter" threads, but can anyone recommend LED headlights that they HAVE and are happy with? I bought a pair (Cheap Chinese stuff--Amazon) probably two-three years ago and have never been able to get them adjusted to my liking. They throw alot of...
  9. egclassic

    Waterless car washing

    Back when I had my Harley, washing was a love/hate chore. It was Black with tons of chrome. It looked awesome when it was clean, but washing sucked because, we also have hard water. A bike has a lot more nooks and crannies than a car. I never cared for waterless washes because I was worried that...
  10. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

  11. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

    I've never paid for an oil change in my life, too many horror stories from others! This is a brand new car, shouldn't have to change it every 2500. I usually go 5000 on full synthetic on all my vehicles. I guess we will see what the dealer says next week. Then I will send a sample to blackstone.
  12. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

    Are you asking if the Toyota and the kia are running the same oil? If so, no. I put Mobil one extended in the kia and I've been running Supertech in the Toyota for 25k. The first oil change, factory fill, was also the same reddish brown when I dumped it. I wrote it off as break in and possible...
  13. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

    That's what I'm afraid of! This is "supposedly" not one of the engines affected by the lack of proper heat treating of the pistons rings, but who really knows for sure! I'm no big fan of Kia myself, but it's what she liked.
  14. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

    LOL, Thanks! I left myself open for that My neighbor bought his daughter the exact same car. Checked her oil and its normal "Yellowish" color
  15. egclassic

    Need opinions, input

    So I bought my wife a 2021 Kia Seltos back in June, had 24 miles on it. Did the first oil change myself at 4095 miles using Kia filter and Mobile one 5w-20. Seltos now has 7100 miles on it and the oil in the photo has 3000 on it. The Kia oil is Reddish brown and looks dirty as hell, more than I...
  16. egclassic

    How much is a hardtop worth?

    I'm not really a huge fan of the hardtop at all, but it's what came with the jeep. This is not my DD and I do not take it out during winter, unless it's dry out, (ie: no salt on roads). I hate having to hoist the dam thing up in the garage every spring and down every fall. It's not that hard...
  17. egclassic

    How much is a hardtop worth?

    I am debating selling my hardtop, that is in perfect condition and going with a soft top. Just wondering what I should start out asking for the hardtop? Also, looking at soft tops, I am a bit confused. I will need a complete setup as I do not have any OEM hardware. I would like one with the...
  18. egclassic

    Would you get an adjustable track bar with a 2.5” lift?

    It's been awhile now, but I want to say 1/2"-3/4" maybe.
  19. egclassic

    Would you get an adjustable track bar with a 2.5” lift?

    My jeep also has a 2.5" lift and I put the JKS adjustable track bars front and rear just for that reason, my OCD! Once I noticed the slight, and I mean slight offset, its all I saw when looking at the jeep! I'm sure it wouldn't have caused any issues and surely NO ONE else would have ever...
  20. egclassic

    What can I do to keep the undercarriage rust free?

    +1 on the wool wax. I have tried both now and I prefer wool wax. I live in Cincinnati as well and I found that in our Hot and humid summers, the fluid film thins so badly that it leaves pools under the jeep. The first few times I thought I had a brake line leaking and then an oil leak. But it...