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    Dana 35 pinion / carrier bearing removal

    Well Duh...I find as the years go by I forget the simplest things like this for example. Thanks Macho ;)
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    Dana 35 pinion / carrier bearing removal

    I picked up a 99 TJ and the Dana 35 needs pinion and carrier bearings at least. Been a bunch of years since I did any diff work and want to ask is there a particular bearing puller that will pull either of those easily? Will a BFH and sharp chisel pop the inner race apart with some good hits? TIA.
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    Damage above exhaust port?

    Unless there is literally a raised area from a casting defect that looks fine from my experience. The pitted area I see is far enough away from where the gasket seal will be. Far as the PO using RTV, Ive used it many times on header gaskets as it was the only way to keep cheapo headers from...
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    New Jeep, Help Identify What I Have

    You have a leaking axle seal, DR side, rear diff.
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    Anybody able to decode a VIN with axle ratios?

    Wow..that site is killer. Found out exactly what it has. (y)
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    Anybody able to decode a VIN with axle ratios?

    Trying to work a purchase on a 97/4.0/auto many hours away. Owner does not know what rear axle or ratio's it has. Its running 33's and It a deal breaker probably having to regear if i ts 3.07's. The basic decoder does not cover this info. Recon you'd have to work at a dealer or?? Thank you for...
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    Fuel Pump Issues

    I picked up a cheapo ZJ from a friend. The FP whined like all get out. he also gave me a new from Oreileys FP assembly. Swapped them and it was just as loud. I dont know what he paid for the FP, but I did some digging and found what looked identical for around $70. I later looked up the pump on...
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    Leaky CCV

    IME they weep typically. But you do need to make sure the small plastic line is not plugged with carbon build up nor is the orifice where it gets vacuum from the intake.
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    And just like that, I found one

    Yeppers (y)
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    And just like that, I found one

    Nice. been trying myself to find a clean TJ or YJ even. Only thing we've found is a lot of flakey bastages and scams on FB marketplace. :cool:
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    Quick help on flat towing an auto

    Ive read endless pages on several forums as well as here. I hoping to pick up a 99 auto and will flat tow it 4 hrs home. Literally everything Ive seen is 50/50 as far as leave the trans in D or the other half says in park. TIA!
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    Bolt Torque Question

    I picked up a friends 96 ZJ for a song. In the process of fixing DW I replaced the trac bar. The OEM frame end bolt is a 12mm 10.9 bolt. Specs call for 72 ftlbs of tightening torque. That bolt can be replaced after a slight redrilling with a 3/8 G8 fine thread bolt which is said to have like...
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    Low back seats

    Im thinking about swapping my bestop high backs for the Bestop low back Trailmax II seats. Anybody running them and how do you like them? This is partially because the side bolsters and beading on their high backs is wearing a holes in my jeans every few months. Damn material is like sandpaper...
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    Bring your trailer sold prices?

    Been venturing there for a potential old 4x4 truck purchase. Im finding it hard to believe what some of the sold prices claim to be. Last night I stumbled on a early 70ies crew cab dodge power wagon that sold for $232,000. Sure it was restored with a hemi installed but...but.. a clean original...
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    Driveshaft weirdness

    So in the last week or so Ive been under a 17 Ram 1500 4x4 and a a 21 Bronco working on them. Either of these had a Ball type U joint if you can call it that. Never seen anything like it myself. The Ram,s front drive line at the T case and the Bronco at both ends of the rear DS. Has what looks...
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    Cali and spontaneous combustion

    Yes, its so hot in Cali the forest if catching on fire by itself.......again. Much like the thought process of a particular northern AZ town we used to live in where the mayor claimed "yes, we have a trash problem" The truth is you have a people problem. Tourists and some locals could give 2...
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    Purchase Advice (02 TJ)

    Im old school but Id have to say the TJ is a better deal and very clean lookin. The Dana 44 is a bonus as well.
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    Transmission (auto) grinding while in gear

    Perhaps the guys will chime in on this, but I had a flex plate crack apart on one of my Ram diesels. It rubbed on the bell housing and you could feel it in the floor board when sitting in it. I dont think its very common on TJ's but who knows. On the other hand Im thinking in N the converter is...
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    Looking for ideas on tethering my dog to roll bar

    Ive seen folks use a D ring attached to the floor to limit movement, also the side roll bar nets to allow pups to move about as they like but not jump out. Best is throwing the wife or kid in back and seat belting pups in the passenger seat up front ;)