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  1. '05Train

    Didn't think it was a build, but here we are

    Bought my 5th Wrangler in July. A '90 4-banger, '92 Sport with the 4.0, a 2016 JKU, a 2001 Sport, and now an '05 RME. The new one was dead stock other than the radio. Solid all the way around, but 150,000 miles on all stock stuff and tired. Bought it as a, "forever Jeep". It had 31s on it...
  2. '05Train

    Find me a bumper

    Looking for a low profile rear bumper that has mounting points for recovery shackles, comes powder coated black, and will allow me to keep my hitch (I tow periodically). What'cha got?
  3. '05Train

    Spare tire and brake light options

    I'm doing my budget lift this weekend, and I'm going to do tires and wheels as well. I have 31s now. Doing BDS 2" springs with 3/4" spacers. I'm stuck between 32s and 33s. I'm going to do a rear bumper eventually. Am I better off: - Spacing up the third brake light and running the new...
  4. '05Train

    32" metric tire?

    Doing a 2.5" OME lift, and I need new tires. I don't do anything remotely hardcore off-road, so a metric tire is the best solution for me as far as unsprung weight and drivability. I don't want to do a body lift, so 32" is as big as I can go. Does such an animal exist or am I stuck with a...
  5. '05Train

    What are my options for addressing frame rust?

    So today I swapped out the valve cover gasket and the plugs, and dumped the filthy oil out of the beastie. The valve cover gasket was a much simpler job than I expected. The bulk of my time was spent cleaning 22 years of funk off everything. Probably the original gasket. Oil was...
  6. '05Train

    Suspension refresh and lift

    I've read a bunch of lift threads, and I think I know what I want to do, but I'm all about getting as much guidance and advice as possible. 2001 Sport, everything's stock. Drives well, but the suspension is definitely feeling its age and mileage (113,xxx miles). No weird tire wear, but an...
  7. '05Train

    New guy in Roanoke

    Greetings everyone. Monday I picked up a new-to-me 2001 TJ Sport. My first Wrangler was a brand-new 1990 SE, with the 4-banger, 5-speed, half-doors, a carpet, and a backseat. Replaced that with a 1992 Sport, with the 4.0, 5-speed, half-doors, a carpet, a back seat, and a radio. Sold that...