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  1. BradyW

    Mid-arm LJ Rubicon

    Yes it is! My wife and I took turns floating a few last weekend. I need to go back and re-read how you achieved your wheelbase stretch a few more times to attempt to truly understand the process! I love the way it turned out while keeping the mid-arm. Is your fuel cell up behind the rear...
  2. BradyW

    Who needs tow ratings anyway?

    I’m not sure if the picture is doctored or legitimate. Even with a heavy load load like that if you position it far enough back on the trailer you can get to a near zero tongue weight, which is good for your TJ’s suspension and really bad for your TJ staying on four wheels. I agree it’s pure...
  3. BradyW

    Who needs tow ratings anyway?

    That travel trailer whipped that TJ around like it wasn't there. I prefer to keep mine on the trailer instead of in front of it.
  4. BradyW

    Who needs tow ratings anyway?

    My F-250 is 10,000lb GVWR and my 36ft two Jeep gooseneck GVWR is 15,990lbs. With our JL and LJ I’m safely under 26,000lbs but when towing two JL’s I’m within a gnat’s ass of being overweight and needing a class A license. This guy needs a AA license with a Jesus endorsement to stay safe with...
  5. BradyW

    Who needs tow ratings anyway?

    They said I should buy a pickup but I’ve already got my TJ! My LJ on 35s and stock brakes was terrifying to stop from speed before I installed a Vanco big brake kit. I cannot image what stoping that load would be like.
  6. BradyW

    Please Help Me Diagnose Gear Noise & Vibration Over 30MPH

    I took it back to the shop that did the re-gear and they replaced the gears and bearings under warranty. The rear diff is silent now.
  7. BradyW

    Please Help Me Diagnose Gear Noise & Vibration Over 30MPH

    My 2005 LJR has developed a whining noise that starts around 30mph and transitions to howling/growling over 50mph. The sound is present on the road, and when the Jeep is on jack stands with the front driveshaft stationary. The sound is loudest when lightly applying the throttle off idle or...
  8. BradyW

    RockJock 4" Lift Springs Only Have 3.5" Of Up Travel?

    As part of my Savvy Mid Arm install, I purchased RockJock 4" lift springs and bump stops to replace the tired lift components that were previously installed. I noticed the RockJock springs were notably longer than my previous springs but softer in my hand flexing. After installing these...
  9. BradyW

    SOLD SpiderTrax 1.25 4x4.5 to 4x5 Wheel Adapters (4x)

    I mounted these to my LJ and drove with them approximately 60 miles over a weekend before deciding to buy lighter 4x4.5" wheels instead of running these adapters with my 41lbs each JL wheels. The adapters are in basically new condition, one adapter has a mark on the lip from mounting the tire...