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  1. Sea Cot

    COVID-19 Home-School Auto Shop: 1998 Sport

    Just over a year later. . . . it has black fenders. I picked up a set from Baseline 4x4 over the winter- both have "character" around the marker lights. Front fender flares are pressed on, haven't been fastened. . . yet. I'm being indecisive swapping a 2.0 CR TDI. My son's '09 Jetta TDI ate...
  2. Sea Cot

    Michigan 1 pair Flame Red Fenders

    one pair of flame red TJ OEM fenders with fender flares from '04 or '05 TJ. located in New Boston, MI 48164 nearby I275 exit 8. The driver side is in very good shape. A couple tiny bubbles are visible in the close-up of the front marker light- about 1" at 10 o'clock above the smudge mark next...
  3. Sea Cot

    Body shop or detailer?

    That's a good looking car!
  4. Sea Cot

    Measure Once, Cut Twice: A Story of Excitement and Impatience

    I'd say I feel guilty, but that would be a lie. Congrats on the rig. If the skidplate nutcerts are roached, I think I have 4 or 5 leftover from a BMB kit. I also have the very nice skid from my former LJR if yours has rust or battle damage.
  5. Sea Cot

    WTB: Savvy Under Armor For 97-02 4.0 Manual

    Sold it on eBay a few weeks ago. I still have the OEM center console enclosure and Kicker 6.5"
  6. Sea Cot

    Body shop or detailer?

    assuming no clearcoat issues or dee stains, the low-mile SoCal car will look showroom new after a full detail.
  7. Sea Cot

    Body shop or detailer?

    detailer, and the service should include a polish wax afterward
  8. Sea Cot

    Low-mile LJR with AEV mods for $18500
  9. Sea Cot

    Jeep Wrangler X illegally sold

    Florida. Every. Damn. Time. It's Florida.
  10. Sea Cot

    SOLD 1997 TJ Hemi swap from Fat Bob's in Utah

    evil tempter. . . .
  11. Sea Cot

    TJ wheels with tires SOLD

    That's a great deal. I've been patiently waiting for a similar deal from someone offing their 31x10.50x15 in favor of 33s.
  12. Sea Cot

    SOLD 1997 TJ Hemi swap from Fat Bob's in Utah

    I really need to stop looking at this ad.
  13. Sea Cot

    Any one else metal detect?

  14. Sea Cot

    Seeking nuclear options for woodchuck termination

    Grab a 22, play Kenny Loggins loudly, and wait.
  15. Sea Cot

    Tipping has gone stupid

  16. Sea Cot

    WTB: 4 center caps for 87-06 OEM steel wheels

    Seeking 4 wheel center caps for OEM Jeep steel wheels, silver/argent/gray color. Shipping to zip code 48164, or pickup near Ann Arbor-Monroe, MI.
  17. Sea Cot

    WTB: Savvy Under Armor For 97-02 4.0 Manual

    Title says it all. I'm nearby Ann Arbor and Detroit Metro Airport (Michigan)
  18. Sea Cot

    LJ Tub (MI)

    Tub from the LJR I previously owned.