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  1. Lorado

    Best affordable shocks for 2.5-3" lift?

    Hi, first time TJ owner and learning as I go so I apologize if this has already been covered but what are the best riding affordable shocks for a 2.5-3" lift? I've been told ranchos, Bilstein (upper end of my budget) and even just hydro shocks. Going to be used 90% on highway with BFG At's. Has...
  2. Lorado

    Added a bull bar and more KC lights

    Helped a friend move and he had a bull bar with no brackets for a wrangler, challenge accepted. Notched each side to fit over my KC light bar and added a pair of 6" Kc Rally lights. Still have to get another factory dash switch but used the supplied switch for now. Currently have two Kc 6" fogs...
  3. Lorado

    Continuing oil pressure issue with 4.0

    Hi all A little over a year ago I bought a 97 tj sport 4.0 manual. It currently has 135k on it. When I first got it I noticed low oil pressure when warm so I started with the pressure sender, then a high flow oil pump. Then this past weekend finally got around to main bearings and then a...