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  1. DeadStang

    WTB: OEM black torx screws for headlights not the outer trim ring, the inner headlight retainer ring screws

    I need several (as many as I can get — I have 4 LJs) of the little torx #6 x 1/2" or 5/8" (I am not sure how long they are but they are no longer then 5/8") black screws that hold the headlight inner retainer rings in place. I am upgrading headlights and am finding that I am missing screws from...
  2. DeadStang

    WTB: WTB: front roll bar padding and covers

    Looking for OEM padding and covers in very good condition for my LJ. I have everything but the front seat section, which I think is exactly the same in TJs and LJs(?). I would buy a full set of LJ padding if in very good condition so it all matches. Please IM me, thanks.
  3. DeadStang

    Picked this Rubihara up this weekend

    The condition of the sale was that the trailer must go with the Jeep. So we drove 23 out of the last 33 hours to pick it up and haul everything home. The trailer is 99% custom/hand built (he was a farm equipment machinist/builder), minus the Jeep tailgate and has a super cool articulating hitch...
  4. DeadStang

    Chain tie downs for the Jeep on the trailer

    We have used the Mac tie down straps for years but they tend to loosen on trips and require re-tightening frequently, so I feel this isn't great for the Jeep or the transmission when they get loose before I re-tighten repeatedly. Does anyone use chain binders to tie down their Jeeps — and if...
  5. DeadStang

    WTB: Mopar / AEV Rock Crawler Front Bumper (found)

    What a nice LJ you have!
  6. DeadStang

    Does this look like rust one should be concerned about?

    Does this just look like 100k mile surface rust that's nothing to worry about, or maybe hiding something worse? The Jeep lived in Hawaii for about 4 years but has been in Arizona mostly and Texas. I know the salt air in coastal and island cars can make rust crop up in odd places, but this is all...
  7. DeadStang

    Rubihara "options" questions

    If I am looking at at FCA report, I am not seeing the word "Rubicon" listed but I am seeing 4.11 rear axle ratio — does the axle ratio automatically indicate the Rubicon? And I am seeing "Sahara Edition Group," so does that mean this is a "Rubihara?" Thanks!
  8. DeadStang

    MORryde 3rd brake light — interior bracket help

    I am having a hard time making the interior bracket fit while allowing contact with the tabs for the brake light. If the tabs don't catch on the side of the tub and rip out, the black plastic bracket won't fit. Thoughts? Thanks.
  9. DeadStang

    Virginia A Very Unique 31" Tire Build

    I don't know my bumpers — what is the front? I like it!
  10. DeadStang

    Looking for some advice on a potential 2003 Rubicon purchase

    Why not have the Trailhawk as your DD, the JK, AND a TJ?
  11. DeadStang

    Is anyone running Katzkin seat covers?

    I really like my Bartact covers.
  12. DeadStang

    Morryde Tailgate Reinforcement Kit on Sale

    I got one this evening, too. I love these threads — thanks TJ Forum! :cool:
  13. DeadStang

    Washington 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport - $3500

    Why so cranky? I'm your grandparents age (probably), and I couldn't figure out how to send a freaking email from my phone this afternoon as I usually use my computer for crap like that.
  14. DeadStang

    Washington 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport - $3500

    Probably just an old guy who isn't very phone/internet savvy.
  15. DeadStang

    Best wheel adapter for JK wheels?

    Red is bone stock (minus the wheels and seat covers). No rub from the larger wheels/tires on this one with everyday driving. I do not know how it would be trying to wheel, however.
  16. DeadStang

    SOLD 2004 TJ Sport - 57k miles

    Sent a PM.
  17. DeadStang

    New Fuchsia Jeep?

    I would guess that one has to be secure in their manhood to drive a pink Jeep — and, perhaps to wear yoga pants as well (lol!), although just about everyone appears to be addicted to social media these days. Ugh. I have no problem with my manhood but still think a Fuchsia Jeep sounds kind of...
  18. DeadStang

    New Fuchsia Jeep?

    Same reason I guess you guys all ask each other questions about crap all day long? My "real" Jeep is the first one I bought and built. The LJs I found later and are my daily drivers — I am not in a big hurry to modify one of them too much yet but it didn't seem like such a crime to make the...
  19. DeadStang

    New Fuchsia Jeep?

    I have a couple JK 2 doors and a couple LJs, but I have been thinking about a "pink" Wrangler since they were "revealed" the other day. My "real" off-road Jeep is a 2-door JK auto and I have a higher mileage, somewhat tired LJ (auto) that I am slowly adding things to and veering from stock for...
  20. DeadStang

    Some sort of really thin gasket for the stock tire carrier?

    So I took the stock tire carrier off of my red Jeep to install a tailgate reinforcement (MOR/ryde) — it's never been off — and the paint is a bit damaged along the bottom edge. Is there some sort of really thin gasket-like material I can use that won't collect water but will somewhat protect...