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  1. spiccolli

    OBD does not work

    97 TJ, 200K miles, 4 litre, 3 spd auto. Transmission was rebuilt a couple years ago and it runs strong. I got a code for torque converter (don't remember which number - 0740 maybe?). Took it back to the transmission shop (who I and other folks do trust) and he said it was locking up perfectly...
  2. spiccolli

    Tail Light Wiring?

    I have the same colors - what did you wind up connecting to what?
  3. spiccolli

    Looking for thoughts and opinions on the Antirock

    I find on days where I wheel hard I'm dropping pressure and airing up anyway so flipping a switch doesn't take me out of the cab or extra time. Swaylock for me is the way. They have an air switch option as well.
  4. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    I appreciate all the input folks, really. I have no bump steer, no death wobble (used to before these parts), and it doesn't pull at all. It really does work great. Just the groan after about 3 years that was fixed with a bit of lube. Is lithium grease the best to use with these kind of joints...
  5. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    My frame of reference has been stuff like this.
  6. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    And btw, that's all dirt. No rust at all lol
  7. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    I've seen the dropped arms and the angles are much sharper
  8. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    It really isn't. How do I prove it? I have no bump steer at all and no death wobble to speak of. Just the groanling. Couple more pics attached. Thanks for any input. Really
  9. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    It's not dropped. Prolly just the angle.
  10. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    It was groaning really bad on the underside where it meets the pitman arm
  11. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    Sorry. Photos.
  12. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    Yeah. Beef. No zerks I can find.
  13. spiccolli

    Steering Groaning

    I have a very upgraded steering on my TJ. Maybe a little beefier than a Curry setup. I was getting a ton of groaning when turning, so got underneath and started shooting lithium grease on all the joints. Turned out to be the drag link to pitman arm connection. My drag link I think is an...
  14. spiccolli

    Transfer Case Shifter

    Savvy cable 100%. Smooth and forgiving. Sometimes I don't even need to get to neutral trans to shift transferto 4LO with no grinding. Highly recommend
  15. spiccolli

    Windshield header connection type

    Hi All - looking for a bit of advice about how to attach a bimini top to a windshield header that I already have. When I bought my 97 TJ, it came with some extra stuff including a windshield header, but I'm not sure how it could be used since it has no clips and does not screw on. It's...
  16. spiccolli

    Busted rear spring on the trail

    Trying to find OME springs to replace them all. If I can't get them, what is the next best brand?
  17. spiccolli

    Another body lift thread

    So I have been contemplating a body lift for my 97 TJ. I have a 4 inch suspension lift already, but when I air down, I lose lift from it and I think the best and cheapest thing to do is to put on a 1 or 1.25 body lift with 1 inch motor mount lift as well. Who knows? maybe there is a tummy tuck...
  18. spiccolli

    Is it my computer?

    looking for a bit of advice from @Wranglerfix. I sent a couple emails but didn't get any replies maybe the website email doesn't notify you?, Anyways..... Heard lots of good things about you on this forum. So, my situation: 1997 TJ Wrangler Sport 4.0 Auto 3 speed, 200k miles, but maybe half...
  19. spiccolli

    What are these connectors?

    Just like the title says, what are these connectors? They are right in front of the driver rear wheel hanging down. It's a little bit hard to see the second one.