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  1. Bammo68

    How difficult is it to add air conditioning to a TJ that didn't come with it originally?

    I did it myself on my '99 - not via a kit as the Jeepair kits were only available for LHD. I got most of my bits from a local wreckers except for the control panel from eBay and all the consumable parts like the accumulator etc. 99 is about the worst year for DIY A/C as the brackets and hard...
  2. Bammo68

    Can you retrofit a distributor to a coil equipped 4.0?

    So I have an '02 PS pump, alternator and AC compressor along with brackets. Extending the alternator wiring doesn't phase me as all. The bit that makes me hesitant is that I went to a *lot* of trouble to get AC added to my '99 and I feel like I would be throwing all that effort away, but its...
  3. Bammo68

    Can you retrofit a distributor to a coil equipped 4.0?

    Yep I'm aware there is going to be some shennanigans with the AC and other stuff - wasnt aware of the PS pump mount but I have both sets and reckon I can solve that. I was just trying to eliminate one issue at a time and I couldnt think of a good reason why the distributor wouldnt work!
  4. Bammo68

    Can you retrofit a distributor to a coil equipped 4.0?

    This question relates to a separate stroker build post but I wanted to know if anyone had a clear, definitive answer on this one question as I am struggling to get clarity on it: Can I retrofit a 2002 4.0 block with a distributor instead of the coil pack? I'm looking to use that '02 motor in...
  5. Bammo68

    Rebuild my spare 32RH for a stroker upgrade?

    OK hold the fort - turns out the engine isn't a 99 at all. Its a May 2002 motor with a 32RH attached. So that's both good news and bad - I can pop the 32RH in my back shed for a rainy day but I need to decide now if the 02 motor is worth putting into my 99. Dumb question but hoping its an...
  6. Bammo68

    Rebuild my spare 32RH for a stroker upgrade?

    Hi Guys, My long held dream of building a stroker for my '99 is getting closer to reality. Current 4.0L motor and 3 speed are both in really good working order (80K miles only) - I don't know all the history of them but they run just fine. I'd like a little more power out of the motor but no...
  7. Bammo68

    4.0 Cylinder Block Interchangeability

    I did read the first post and spent some time looking for an answer hence my question. I've not seen a clear answer to my question anywhere: will the newer model computer in my 99 be OK with a 98 block. I'm assuming it will but looking for helpful input please if this assumption is correct.
  8. Bammo68

    4.0 Cylinder Block Interchangeability

    Will a 98 4.0 out of a TJ go into a 99 TJ? I've read through all the forum posts and I *think* it will but I note that the engine management computer on the '99 was updated to a "JTEC+" and wondering if that will have any issues on the 98? <edit to add: the 98 is free and I'm looking to do a...
  9. Bammo68

    Steering box adjustment nut too tight to remove?

    Yep from multiple sources I've seen you can use this to tweak a slight amount of slop out by tightening the lash in effect, but its not a magic solution and cannot be tightened multiple times to resolve an underlying issue. So its a very small adjustment range.
  10. Bammo68

    Steering box adjustment nut too tight to remove?

    '99 RHD low mileage (65K) TJ with 31's. Slight slop in the steering (not awful but noticeable) so thought I would adjust the steering box as all the other parts of the steering foodchain seem OK and no obvious worn bushings etc. I cannot shift the lock nut on the steering box. It appears to...
  11. Bammo68

    Does a vacuum leak cause high fuel usage or loss of power?

    Hi All, I've noticed my '99 3spd has been using more fuel (12mpg) lately (16mpg is normal) but I put it down to only doing very short runs. Took it out yesterday for a 300km round trip to the farm and noticed a couple of things: 1) Mileage was still poor - 14mpg 2) The aircon would switch...
  12. Bammo68

    Swapping out a 32RH with a...32RH?

    So here is the story: I have a spare 32RH from a 2001 TJ in my back shed on standby for the day I might need it. A mate bought a TJ for a bit of fun but it looks like the previous owner has stiffed him and the 32RH in that is totally cooked. I've sold him my spare one for the price of a few...
  13. Bammo68

    Adding central locking - anyone used this eBay controller?

    Adding central locking to my '99 for convenience. I ordered a controller from eBay and a couple of actuators bought locally (a 2 wire slave and a 5 wire master). The controller is wired to the battery and the key fob seems to work and the controller clicks once for lock and twice for unlock...
  14. Bammo68

    Radiator cap pressurized - is this a head gasket?

    Recently replaced the whole cooling system (radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat + housing) after a burst hose on my '99 led to an overheat. It was all OG so put all new system in and flushed. The Jeep is running perfectly, oil looks good and the (green) coolant looks nice and clean but I...
  15. Bammo68

    Coolant tube from water pump leaking after replacement

    Hi Guys, Just replaced the water pump, radiator and thermostat housing on my '99. I moved the coolant outlet tube (this is the hard line that goes from the water pump to the heater hoses) from the old pump onto the new one. I coated the threads with Loctite 561 on the recommendation of the...
  16. Bammo68

    What donor engine for a 4.6 stroker build?

    Later this year I want to start building a 4.6L stroker. My current 4.0 (1999 TJ Auto) is in good condition (despite recent coolant issues!) and I want to have the new one built and ready to swap straight in so using my existing engine isn't an option. So if I'm going to find a donor engine to...
  17. Bammo68

    Have I cooked my 4.0? Epic mistake on long trip

    Hi Guys, '99 4.0L with 80,000 miles on the clock. Recently retrofitted factory aircon to it (which works a treat!) which meant the radiator was out which is when I done stuffed up! Did a long (500mile) drive yesterday in hot weather when the engine suddenly started making a loud ticking...
  18. Bammo68

    How to install new outer glass seal on FS doors

    I've ordered some new seals for the outside of my late model TJ doors. The originals were dried out and were destroyed getting them out for painting. These are the seals that ride on the window as it goes up and down - held in place with 5 metal clips that slot into the door frame and the seal...
  19. Bammo68

    99 door locks into an 05 door? Also where to find link cable

    I have a '99 TJ with factory half doors. Found a set of '05 full doors that I am restoring and I ordered a set of cylinder locks for them as the previous owner had deleted the locks and installed a central locking thingy that's very broken. Unfortunately, I ordered the DL22 '99 cylinders...
  20. Bammo68

    Auto A/C PAD Connectors - what sizes in TJ's?

    Another in my ongoing inquiries to solve my quest of adding Aircon to a '99TJ RHD. I have a bit of a mixed bag of parts in my TJ with a condenser that is fitted with a pair of the PAD type connections, a liquid line that has PAD connections and other lines that use the push fit connectors...