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    Used Warn small hub kit value?

    I bought this kit a long time ago when i was thinking of doing a wj brake install and never did anything with it. I know the stub shafts are missing but i think most everything else is there. Does anyone see any other major parts missing? What's the value of these parts?
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    04-06 Flowmaster 2049170 Catalytic Converter Kit

    I received and installed mine tonight. I can confirm that it bolts up no problem on a 03 TJ.
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    04-06 Flowmaster 2049170 Catalytic Converter Kit

    Anyone install this in a non-04-06 and know what needs to be modified to get it in?
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    OR-Fab tire carrier install

    Maybe that's an option when the kid is grown and not riding in the back. For now I've got to have the back seat. I've got an A-Z Fab rear bumper with tire carrier and I like it but i can image having an integrated system or just no tire carrier would be nice.
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    OR-Fab tire carrier install

    What did you install or did you eliminate the spare?
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    04-06 Flowmaster 2049170 Catalytic Converter Kit

    Looking at options online, it looks like the connection to the cat on the 00-03 is a flange and the 04-? Is maybe a clamp style. Hopefully if you're replacing it all it will work other thank figuring out the 3rd cat hanger. If that's all it is, I may just take it to a shop to add a straight...
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    04-06 Flowmaster 2049170 Catalytic Converter Kit

    Any word on the fit? I just got code p0432 this morning on my '03.
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    Help finding fitting for OBA to engine intake

    Is that going to the compressor infeed? What's the purpose of the line?
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    What heat insulation for transmission tunnel?

    How much did you use for this?
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    Is my air intake upside down?

    If I remember right it's not molded into box and you can rotate it.
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    Bent oil pan skid options

    While out on a ride today, I came down on my oil pan skid pretty hard. I did it's job but now I need to get it back in shape and improved for next time. Straightening it out is easy enough, what options do I have to support it better? What about adding a bracket to the transmission bolts? I...
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    Power upgrades for heavy winching?

    Is there a recommended alternator replacement? I dont need one at the moment but would want to upgrade when the need arises.
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    Savvy control arms (no jam nuts?)

    Just to follow up on this. Gerald responded on Monday morning and shipped them right out. I should get them tomorrow.
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    Savvy control arms (no jam nuts?)

    Thanks. Now I get to deal with the maybe answer sometime in the next few weeks bit. Hopefully savvy's improved communication. I guess I'll look at what size the thread is just in case.
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    Savvy control arms (no jam nuts?)

    I ordered a set of lower control arms to replace my worn out front RE short arms but they didn't have jam nuts with them. I can't imagine that's how they should be but who should have supplied them? Should they have come in the box with the johnny joints or savvy has to get them separate and...
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    CB radio locations

    I mounted mine in my console and then ran a remote plug in for the mic cable to the dash as well as hooked up an external speaker. It stays hidden most of the time when not in use but is functional when needed.
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    How To Outboard Fox 2.0 RR Shocks

    @jjvw Sorry to resurrect this thread but I've used your video to get everything done on my outboard project except for the track bar. What did you use to make your frameside bracket? Everything has been pretty straightforward except for this part.
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    CB works and doesn't work

    I've got at Cobra 75wxst that seemingly works perfectly fine when I'm sitting still. As soon as we start moving, I lose most all communication. What should I be checking?
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    ARB hose preference

    I just had my jeep regeared as well as f/r arb's installed. My rear has the traditional blue air hose that I've seen on other arb's. The rear has black hose that is slightly larger in diameter and a little stiffer. Is there one or the other that has been found to be more reliable? I'd like...
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    Wobble between 55-65 mph

    I've had a wobble in the steering when driving between 55-65 for awhile and need some thought on what I can look at to help out. It's not so bad that I have to speed up or slow down to drive. Bumps don't make it better or worse. I've got an RE3.5" lift with adjustable control arms, Currie...