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  1. Droosk05LJ

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    It's been close to 110 around here so I removed my winch and gave the radiator a bath.
  2. Droosk05LJ

    Turbo with 42RLE (overdrive question)

    I just posted this
  3. Droosk05LJ

    05-06 TJ/LJ 42RLE HP Tuners modified shift schedule

    As a person who has lived with this crap stock schedule 12+ years, finally finding a way to change it and have that change be everything I hoped for is one of the more cathartic releases I've had in quite some time. I am not a tuner so I have no other solutions for any other engine things. Do...
  4. Droosk05LJ

    Turbo with 42RLE (overdrive question)

    Hello sirs. As someone who has had this setup for a very long time yesterday I finished messing around with HP Tuners on mine. It is worth every f****ng dollar. Once you figure it out (not hard), you can adjust it to your heart's desire. I'm very happy