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  1. TJosh02

    Need help diagnosing brake lock up

    I will. I ordered new pads from you (also drums/shoes). Do I need new rotors? Or can they be resurfaced?
  2. TJosh02

    Need help diagnosing brake lock up

    I have been tied up a bit and hadn't had much time to investigate. However, yesterday and took a good look at my brakes. I jacked the front end up and both wheels sound like metal on metal and my rotors feel pretty rough, especially on the inside side. The outside face has an inch near the...
  3. TJosh02

    TerryD's 2006 LJ Rubicon

    For the tire carrier, if you haven't already ordered (sorry, didn't read closely), look up OR-FAB's carrier. It does what you want and it is built very well. Has cage tie ins, etc. Fits rotopax and has accessory mounts, etc
  4. TJosh02

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Here, OnX hasn't caught up yet. I'd probably switch if they had. GIAA or GAIA, it still better and far cheaper. But use what you have for sure! That is why I suggested using an old Android phone to test it out. I thought about buying a dedicated android tablet, but I haven't found the long...
  5. TJosh02

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Try an old phone first. Which is what I am doing. If that doesn't work, a tablet isn't going to work. However in the PNW, you have pretty good SAT coverage. Way up north in Ontario where our trails are (relatively speaking) there isn't any cell service, or data, only some SAT.
  6. TJosh02

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    when it comes to apps, I am more of a fan of open source. It means you aren't stuck with outdated wares. I code a lot in python for my job. I am not a developer per se, but I don't like doing mundane tasks over and again, so I learned to code. Python is open source (most languages have...
  7. TJosh02

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    I might be over my skis as I didn't read closely enough, but here we tend (and defo me) use GAIA, cause it is a bit more friendly with gpx files we get elsewhere and other 3rd party plugins like Back Country Map Book's layers. [here in Ontario if you pay $25/year you get gpx files of all the...
  8. TJosh02

    Need help diagnosing brake lock up

    Ps, thanks for the response. I consider your word as bond
  9. TJosh02

    Need help diagnosing brake lock up

    I get it but I am not satisfied until I know the why. Don't mean you have to tell me but I'd like to discuss the possible causes
  10. TJosh02

    Need help diagnosing brake lock up

    So Saturday, I was the tail gunner on a fun trail for my club in slick greasy conditions. It was a 3 hour drive north to the trail we were doing. The night before I did an oil change, as I was a bit overdue. One thing I noticed was that I only got about 3.5-3.75 L of old oil out despite...
  11. TJosh02

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Damn that is a lot of bolts!
  12. TJosh02

    1997 Wrangler - 5.3 LS swap TJWhite

    If it were me, I'd probably do the engine swap first with the lift/tires, etc as is to get that out of the way and then sort out the axles, lift, etc when he knows what he wants to build for. But one ton axles with 35" tires doesn't make sense to me at all. They will stick out proudly from...
  13. TJosh02

    What are good LED headlights for my TJ?

    Depends on what you consider scary. Salo, Irrevisible, A Serbian Film come to mind, but your taste might differ. ;)
  14. TJosh02

    2004 LJ In Flux

    That is some bling!
  15. TJosh02

    2004 Cummins 4BT Swap - 5-Speed Tremec 4050 - NP 205

    What do you plan for the PTO? PTO powered winch?
  16. TJosh02

    98 TJ - LS Swapped

    Congrats on the swap. I wish I could do mine sometimes. Regarding stereo upgrades there are a couple big threads here with tons of details answering all your questions. Have fun and welcome!
  17. TJosh02

    Tailgate roll cage tie-in bracket

    I sourced some inexpensive but HD tailgate hinges from Ebay. However, I was looking to see if anyone has seen reinforcement brackets sold individually? I mean the ones that tie into the cage on the passenger side to help distribute the weight on the hinges/body. Might be a long shot. I...
  18. TJosh02

    How to flush the cooling system on your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    All the threads here detail it better than I could. I watched a number YT videos as well to make sure I understood correctly. I don't have any experience working on engines but I am fairly engineering minded and handy, so it wasn't hard. I replaced: Fan Clutch Thermostat Radiator Hoses...
  19. TJosh02

    Easy question: tailgate mount bolt size/pattern

    I long removed and lost the factory spare carrier, but I want to install a license relocation and CB antenna mount plate which didn't come with any hardware. What hardware am I after? (I can't find my thread checker tool).