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  1. OldButStillJeeping

    Jeep guns

    ...makes you a target anywhere. For thieves...
  2. OldButStillJeeping

    2006 steering gear box replacement options for RHD

    I found rebuilt units for about $650 a few months ago. Passed on that, due to countless bad reviews. I understand it's a metal casting problem anyway. And a problem that a rebuild won't solve. The Saginaw mod was a contender for me but didn't want to mod the frame for personal reasons...
  3. OldButStillJeeping

    Jeep guns

    BTW... nice P9!! And no 1911! ?? Seriously? 🙂
  4. OldButStillJeeping

    Jeep guns

    Nice! Very nice. As for me. I've sold off my BHP's, except for a 75th anniversary specimen. Which I don't shoot. Its a safe queen. Like money in the bank. CZ's are cheap in comparison and have the BHP feel, plus dbl action. Although I love the BHP. I humbly recommend that you check out the...
  5. OldButStillJeeping

    California 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition

    Furthermore. Not to get too personal but I've got loads of shit in the fryer right now. I try to fly from the heart and do what's right.... A drug addict sister in law, raising hell, sleeping on the streets. And her husbsnd who can find money to buy drugs, but doesn't want to work. How...
  6. OldButStillJeeping

    California 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition

    Alright, It's worth a try. You kids convinced me. Especially the part where Chris would think I'm stupid if I didn't jump on it. That really hurt. :) @mrblaine, if you want to look at it and experiment, diagnose it, etc, I would appreciate your expert's knowledge. Anyway, I don't know you...
  7. OldButStillJeeping

    California 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition

    Thank you sir. It is because of the emissions. And I appreciate the help offer but I've got no more patience.
  8. OldButStillJeeping

    California 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition

    That's it in a nutshell. 2 years ago to pass smog I replaced all four 02 sensors with NTK. Then paid a cert smog repair facility $350 to diagnose it. They replaced the canister / purge valve and it passed. This year i had 'not ready' and did the service rewire in the power dist box. That...
  9. OldButStillJeeping

    California 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition

    NO LONGER FOR SALE... 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition TJ. Patriot Blue. Belly Up / Tummy Tuck. 111,000 miles, 4.0, Auto Trans, Super Short SYE, Tom Woods rear driveshaft, Currie and Rokmen adjustable control arms, Dana 44 rear with Detroit Trutrac, Dana 30 front with Detroit Locker and RCV axles...
  10. OldButStillJeeping

    Code P0172 after new O2 sensors and cats

    Please let the forum know how it all works out. My 2005 is throwing no codes but giving "not ready" status on O2 sensors. Been doing it for a few months now. And thats after I did the Service rewire module fix. I replaced the sensors with recommended NTK 2 years ago. I checked the cats...
  11. OldButStillJeeping

    How-to fix the annoying parking brake chime on 05-06 TJs

    You manual guys are lucky. My 05 automatic beeps 4 or 5 times damn times everytime I start the damn bitch up. Even had a couple people say "Oh, cool, you have a backup buzzer". I say " Nah, thats the seatbelt buzzer. The sucker chimes up regardless if I'm belted or not". Stupid Daimler /...
  12. OldButStillJeeping

    Should I buy this 2003 Rubicon?

    This^^^^^ Blue Book Nada yada yada don't mean a whole lot unless your trading it in on a new car... then you get the shaft... Real world value says that is a great price on a Rubi.
  13. OldButStillJeeping

    Jeep guns

    Not to HiJack... and I didn't read the whole thread here. But, I went outside the box handgun wise. Bought a CZ 75B in 9mm the other day. A real shocker to my friends and family because I always pop caps with USA or German and Swiss hardware. Usually Colt, Sig, Glock, Browning HiPower...
  14. OldButStillJeeping

    How do you remove the third brake light?

    I unplugged mine and threw it in the trash.
  15. OldButStillJeeping

    If only the TJ was this easy to assemble

    Even the Germans can appreciate how we won the war with the help of the Jeep.
  16. OldButStillJeeping

    Is a Dropped Pitman Needed for 2" Lift?

    Plus.... It's a real BITCH to pull a factory installed pitman arm. How many unfortunate jeepers did that? ... And later found out that it did NOTHING good.
  17. OldButStillJeeping


    Get the chaps. There's no "oops" with a chain saw.
  18. OldButStillJeeping

    Socialist Jeepers: Oxymoron?

    I'm just venting. Seen Jeeps with Hillary and Bernie bumper stickers. I've got the Holy Bible on my nightstand, an American flag on my front porch, love for this country, and honor the men and women who fought for the freedoms we all enjoy. And then a neighbor down the street with a...
  19. OldButStillJeeping

    Socialist Jeepers: Oxymoron?

    Are they really that confused? They enjoy and feed off of the group, but piss on it's values. Do they really think a free ride is going to include an off road vehicle for all comrades?