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  1. DustyRhodes03

    Inflatable rear mattress for a TJ?

    I'd like it better if it was "L" shaped so you could tilt the passenger seat forward and use that space as well for some more room and maybe be able to lay on an angle and stretch out more.
  2. DustyRhodes03

    Making a non-sub console into a sub console

    Looks awesome! I'm planning on doing the same this spring when I upgrade my stereo and speakers. I'll be surprised if the Plasti-Dip holds up though, just seems like eventually setting stuff down, picking it up, sliding around, and finger nails, you'll end up with scratches and peeling. I think...
  3. DustyRhodes03

    Not Getting The Color Jeep You Wanted

    Your Jeep looks like the more successful older brother to mine haha Looks good!
  4. DustyRhodes03

    A Jurassic Overland Dream

    Lots of little stuff getting done. I replaced a few annoying things like my blower motor resistor, finally fixed my cigarette lighter that wasn't working, and put in some Seafoam and ran it for a day or two and then did another oil change and that seemed to take care of my high oil pressure...
  5. DustyRhodes03

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Thanks! I've always loved the look of white letters out. It's a slow project but it'll get there lol
  6. DustyRhodes03

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Got my tires installed. I'm really happy with the look of these Coopers
  7. DustyRhodes03

    A Jurassic Overland Dream

    Things are still alive! Just been side tracked with life and work and plans changing. Opted out of the General Grabbers and ended up going with the Cooper AT3 XLT. I saw a set in person and loved the look and with rebate the price was only $733 out the door. Aaand then came a new loud...
  8. DustyRhodes03

    A Jurassic Overland Dream

    Tires have been ordered!! I was stuck between the General Grabber ATX, the K02, or the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. Ultimately went with the General Grabber ATX and got them for $930 out the door so I'm happy. They should be here Monday so hopefully by Tuesday they'll be on.
  9. DustyRhodes03

    Painting dash / interior?

    Where's the fun in that lol
  10. DustyRhodes03

    Painting dash / interior?

    I find the tan color of my dash hides the dust and dirt fairly well. I drive a lot with the top down in the summer and rarely have the rear windows in and live on a dirt road. I cant say the same for tan carpets though lol
  11. DustyRhodes03

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I saw this pen stationary holder today for a buck and had an idea for it Some black paint and 3M double sided tape and bam, take that Smittybuilt
  12. DustyRhodes03

    Really nice leather steering wheel cover

    I was more referring to the ones people were talking about above in the $30+ range
  13. DustyRhodes03

    1997 Wrangler TJ tub-off restoration build

    It's looking awesome! My envy is strong with this one haha I just redid my floor pans and I wanted so badly to be able to find a frame donor at the same time. Some day when I'm rich and famous (sweatpants model) I have plans to do the same as your doing so I'm loving your build thread!
  14. DustyRhodes03

    Really nice leather steering wheel cover

    Is there a specific shape to these, or is it basically just a straight piece of leather with the holes premade? It looks pretty straight forward really and something that could be made for less than $20 with some supplies from a craft or fabric store.
  15. DustyRhodes03

    2000 TJ: Where do I begin?

    It always gets me the difference in what people consider acceptable condition with a vehicle. In N.S you'd be hard pressed to find any vehicle on the road that doesn't look like that underneath if it's 10 yrs old or older and most people here wouldn't even flinch looking at that. I think it's a...
  16. DustyRhodes03

    Should I wait until Black Friday to purchase Eaton E-Locker?

    Another tip for online buying to get a potential discount. Make sure they have your e-mail. Add the stuff to your cart without purchasing and then leave it there for 4-5 days. Then keep an eye on your e-mail (check your spam folder). Sometimes they'll send you an e-mail offering 10%-15% off. I...
  17. DustyRhodes03

    How to Build a Jeep Yourself if You Don't Know How to Change a Tire

    Hi from the other coast! I spent some time working in Alberta and BC and the country out there is breath taking. I'm VERY jealous haha The hunting and fishing out there is some of the best IMO. Only thing we have here that even compares is striped bass. Deer hunting is in abundance here but...
  18. DustyRhodes03

    Why are so many oppose to putting a jack on the hood?

    Just because it worked doesn't mean it was done safely lol
  19. DustyRhodes03

    Why are so many oppose to putting a jack on the hood?

    From what I've seen, there's a very specific way and important steps to take to use a high-lift in a safe way, and you'll never find those conditions on the trail.
  20. DustyRhodes03

    Build your own 2.5 inch lift? Still uncertain as to what's needed

    @rasband posted a pretty good parts list for me in my build thread. "Note, this isn't a definitive list nor 100% all the things you should buy - but everything I recall installing for the lift... Here's the list of things I bought and netted >2" of lift (most guys do with the OME springs). I...