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  1. Cheesy

    Is There Really a Dislike of the Renegade?

    Just asking because we really like ours. My wife was considering a JL but gagged at the price. So did I. We ended up with well outfitted Limited. We traded in an 02 Audi A4 for it. We know it’s not a Wrangler, it’s a Fiat 500X in Jeep clothing, but it was the only vehicle able to make it up a...
  2. Cheesy


    So, Mrs. Cheesy and I are moving to new digs this month. I will have something I‘ve never had before and that’s a basement and gearhead worthy garage space. https://www.atproperties.com/10485465/43w461-kenmar-court-elburn-illinois-60119-nei Mrs. Cheesy's Renegade and my Wrangler will be parked...
  3. Cheesy

    Critter Pics with a Jeep

    Does this fawn make my tires look big?
  4. Cheesy

    I am a nitwit (turn signal / parking light / dim headlight issue solved)

    So, I have been dealing with an annoying turn signal/parking light/dim headlight for the past few weeks. I travel for work so I only have weekends, if I don’t have other plans. All symptoms pointed to a bad ground but they checked out good. Tried a new aftermarket MFS and flasher. Worked for a...
  5. Cheesy


    Cheesy, aka Mike here from NE IL. I have an 05 LJ I bought in 2010 with 53K on it, up to 103K now. Black w/gray hardtop, 30.9 tires, 6 speed, no lift, front and rear receiver hitches. The stock exhaust finally gave up the ghost this summer and I installed a MBRP system. A bit louder and a...