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  1. T_Hase89

    Brake line SOS

    I need new brake lines, rear axle Dana 44 disc brakes from the hard line connection to caliper. I cannot for the life of me find these. Anyone got an amazon link or somewhere else to buy? I did find in rock auto but don’t want to wait 2 weeks for shipping or pay $50 for shipping when I have...
  2. T_Hase89

    What is this washer bit between the seal and bearing on Dana 44 rear axle?

    What is this washer bit between the seal and bearing? Removed the axle because I need to replace the seal anyway but this through me off. I’ve not been in a 44 rear before so not sure if that’s normal...
  3. T_Hase89

    Carbon Off Road Axle Input

    Good Evening, I busted a u-joint so I figured it's time to go ahead and upgrade shaft's and pull my stock ones out as back ups... As much as I like the RCV and Revolution USA Made with the 1350 joints, I could use that money elsewhere I am 99% sure the India imports will fit the bill just fine...
  4. T_Hase89

    Battery Replacement

    Now that cold weather has struck, I noticed my battery is really struggling to crank the jeep over versus warmer days. Looks like some random Walmart brand was put on this jeep is the PO life. What y’all recommend? Don’t want optima, too many friends have tried and have issues with their...
  5. T_Hase89

    Need General Jeep Advice

    My wife works with a lady who has a 15 year old son. Dad not in picture, he gets bullied because he’s built like a linebacker and has a lot of build up anger. So I opted to take him and his mom wheeling this weekend just to give him a chance to get out and try new things and see if I could help...
  6. T_Hase89

    Hypothetical Engine Swap Question

    So I’m letting my mind wander a bit as the 4.0 in my Jeep is at 205k miles and I have a 60k mile 302 sitting in my garage just teasing me every time I go in. If the 4.0 died, I’d probably swap it in. Would you go with a 700R4 or the 4L60 behind it? Currently a manual but I like autos better...
  7. T_Hase89

    Cross Chrysler and Jeep

    Wish I knew where these guys find these. I'm sure they'll be 40k each LOL
  8. T_Hase89

    Deer Hunters in this group

    Any deer hunters in this group? If so, got anything yet? I’ve not had a chance to go yet this year with my work schedule... Also, show me your best kill. Here’s mine, still haven’t been is in 16 years.
  9. T_Hase89

    Lift kit / spring question

    My Jeep has a 4” fabtech lift on it from the mid 2000’s. Plan to upgrade this winter. Instead of buying the full Currie 4”, I am thinking I could shed some dollars by piecing together what I need versus the entire kit. The fabT springs show no sign of sagging, just paint peeling off. Worth...
  10. T_Hase89

    Help me build a winter hunting Jeep: Snow, mud, and daily abilities

    Looking to pick up something cheap (Sub 3K) to drive through the winter and use for hunting. This will also give me more time to take my TJR apart this winter so I don't have to wait till hunting and snow season is over. Choices are in the poll and how would you build it. I'm thinking XJ or...
  11. T_Hase89

    ROI with highline fenders?

    Ok, assume this is the setup for both cases: 4” Lift, 1.25” Body Lift, 35’s and shocks designed to allow for the maximum travel with each fender setup below Regular or Tube Fenders should maintain the factory 3.5-4” up travel Under the assumption HL fender will give an additional 2-3” of up...
  12. T_Hase89

    Rear sway bar

    As I’m greasing my my fittings under the jeep and looking for a cause of a squeak while driving, I started looking at the rear sway bar system for the first time since I bought this jeep. Found all of the bushings are toast. And it squeaks. So maybe I’m on to something. Anyway... outside of...
  13. T_Hase89

    Surprised by a little TJ

    So, I’ve owned a few jeeps but never had a TJ. Wasn’t even really looking for one this past spring as I wanted to get back to to a CJ again. But I’m glad I did run across my TJR because I can honestly say I’ve never enjoying driving a Jeep as much as this one. I’ve had a loaded JKUR 10th...
  14. T_Hase89

    Local Club Bashing

    We have some fun in our local group and pick on each other often. Latest adventure was one of our guys bragging about his YJ being around forever and rocking his bullet proof dana 35 so we rolled with the punches. Here's a few of our creations to pick at him but at the end of the day we all do...
  15. T_Hase89

    Low mile LJ in Illinois

    Came across this on marketplace. Assume it won't last long.
  16. T_Hase89

    TJ Hardtop - $400

    Located in Carmi IL. Facebook Marketplace. Only 2 pics and no description but back glass looks good. Its about 20 minutes from me but I dont have a need for one
  17. T_Hase89

    Where have you wheeled?

    So I seen this floating around on Facebook about places traveled. So I thought I’d spin it off as a what state have you wheeled in. I’ll admit mine isn’t great and dream of wheeling in every state someday. So let’s see who has wheeled in the most states. Also might give people a chance to...
  18. T_Hase89

    Fenders: Show me what you got

    My TJR has 4 inch lift on 35s and I’m about to install a 1 inch body lift this weekend. Next step is the fender debate. Keep it stock or go with something aftermarket. Looked at the MC, PS, JCR etc... just not sure if I even want them now versus keep the stock set up. Help convince me by...
  19. T_Hase89

    Dumb Question about the Dash

    This TJR I bought has a dent in the dash pad on the passenger side. Looks like someone punched it in the past. Although this is a trail rig, it drives me nuts. I assume a couple screws behind glove box and it’ll pull off? Any implications to the airbag? Going to try to give it a little heat...
  20. T_Hase89

    Show me your rear storage solutions (no rear seat) and switch location ideas in the front

    Need to add some switches and increase my rear storage for trail duty. Most likely going to fab a hitch carrier into the tub area. I keep my 35 inch spare in the tub and plan to mount that above it. Show me what ya got.