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  1. KCsTJ

    How to remove the front spindle nut

    This is hoew i easily removed rhe front axle nuts, torqued @ 175 ft pounds.... my torque wrench maxes out at 150 ft/lbs. So i was dreading removing that spindle nut. Once the spindle nut is off 3 bolts hold the bearing unit and axles. This may be all over U Tube, idk, but i didnt do an...
  2. KCsTJ

    Replace 2.5L with 4.0L

    I would like to replace my 97 2.5L engine with a 4.0L. I want to replace the 2.5L engine only. i want to keep the 32rh 3 speed tranny cuz it has just been rebuilt. Before i start doing the research, has anyone here done this with success? I can do the labor, the thing that concerns me is...
  3. KCsTJ

    Front driveshaft u-joint removal

    The front axle u joints have no end cap clips. Do i use a press, or brute force with a big hammer.... no clips to remove . How is the best way to remove the u joint?
  4. KCsTJ

    Advice on 6" bench vise

    I need a 6" bench vise. Any recommendations? I couldnt tell a good from a bad one. Need it for u joint replacing, etc
  5. KCsTJ

    Will it hurt my 4.0 to drive with a bad pre-cat?

    I have a wheelin trip.scheduled Saturday.... so up pops a code P0431, warm up catalyst efficiency below threshold, bank 2. It needs new precats, that's the only fix here. Would it hurt to put say 500 miles on my jeep with that code displayed?
  6. KCsTJ

    Why is my battery leaking?

    I found this on my garage floor under my new to me 05. It is battery acid staining. The battery looks new. I installed new military style terminals last week and thought that cured it. Yesterday I get home and park it, lift the hood and can hear what sounds like bubbles? coming from the...
  7. KCsTJ

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    .........because a TJ was fixing to turn him into a puffball of feathers!
  8. KCsTJ

    Need wheel suggestions please

    I am wheel shopping for my Patriot blue Sport. It has the stock Ravine wheels. I like Pro comp series 31 black beadlock style wheels. Sorry, cant post a pic from this fone. However I am exploring other options and would like to know what other wheel might look good on a Patriot blue tj.? What...
  9. KCsTJ

    Control arm bushings

    I am planning on replacing some control arm bushings, over time but have a couple questions first. and looks like a couple lower bushings have rusty bolts ..:-/ By doing 1 arm at a time, can I avoid axle movement and realignment problems? Is it best to remove the control arm with wheels on...
  10. KCsTJ

    Zone 3" lift kit for the 05

    About to pull the trigger on the Zone 3" lift kit for my stock 05 Sport. Prior to the 3" lift i plan to install a 1" BL and Savvy shift cable for the 6 speed manual. Since this is my first shot at a lift I need advice on a couple things like: Are lower CAs mandatory for a 3" lift or can I get...
  11. KCsTJ

    3D printing of TJ parts

    Audi uses 3D printing to make some of their spare parts. A 1914 race engine that had a cracked block, no parts anywhere to be found... lasers were used to measure the disassembled block and other parts. The block and other parts were made via 3D printer and after final assembly the engine runs...
  12. KCsTJ

    How do I repair this rust?

    My 97 3speed auto got caught up in a fixed/not fixed cycle with Eagle Transmission. I'll spare the rant only to say they had my jeep off and on for 2 months this summer and it's got rained on until I was able to cover it but this developed as a result.. Do I hand sand the rust off, then apply...
  13. KCsTJ

    KCsTJ's 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE

    This is my 97 SE, 2.5L, 30rh 3 speed automatic transmission with 3.73 gears. Rides on 31s. This is how it looked when I got it in Nov. 2017. Most of the work has been engine and PM and work to correct neglect by POs.
  14. KCsTJ

    Cracked flex plate

    This is a flex plate from my 97 2.5L 3 speed 30rh transmission. The pencil is pointing to the main crack, but look closer and you can see cracks around the circumference of the center hub. I dont.know why this happened and I couldn't get a straight answer from the transmission shop that did a...
  15. KCsTJ

    05 Patriot Blue build

    This is my 1 week old 05 Sport i bought with 101k on the clock. I removed the rear windows, milk jugs and back seat and here she sits. It came with a brand new Smitty soft top. I'll be using her and my white 97 alternately in my pool service route so these jeeps are working jeeps. They have to...
  16. KCsTJ

    Paint texture on my new bumpers

    My new to me less than 1 week jeep has this black paint rough texture on front and rear bumpers and wipers. Does anyone know what this is ? I hope this isnt hiding some rust surprise somewhere... :-/
  17. KCsTJ

    How does this come off

    New to me 05, the hood light is out according to my conductivity test. I want to remove this hood light without breaking any part of it, it's plastic. Frankly I'm more comfortable removing a cyl head but these simple to remove looking doo dads a curve. I'm afraid if I keep trying...
  18. KCsTJ

    Pre cats and "y" exhaust pipe repair SOLVED

    I am troubleshooting a p0431 code on my 05 Sport, "warm-up catalyst efficiency below threshold, bank 2". I have ordered both NTK o2 upstream sensors which may correct the problem. However I plan to also replace the Pre cats as PM cuz it has 101k. I plan to unbolt the 2 pipes connected to the...
  19. KCsTJ

    Engine code P0431

    On day 3 of my new to me 05 Sport with 101k I'm in rush hour traffic, the tj bucks 1x and the CEL comes on. AZ reads the CEL and it shows a P-0431 code which says... "Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)" There are two catalytic converters coming off the exhaust manifold. My...
  20. KCsTJ

    Need expert witness for auto transmission repair lawsuit

    I'm exploring my option to sue Eagle Transmission, a franchised repair store. Looking for an expert in auto tranny repair to review documents and testify regarding improper repair procedures. Please contact me here or by PM. Thank you.