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  1. ranger101

    Mississippi 2001 factory Sahara fender flares

    Business account through my shop, and FedEx is just cheap haha
  2. ranger101

    Mississippi 2001 factory Sahara fender flares

    Don’t sweat the shipping, I can help you with that. That set I bought a few months back, cost me less than $10 for shipping and FedEx even picked them up from the seller.
  3. ranger101

    Mississippi 2001 factory Sahara fender flares

    @JMT I know you’ve been looking for Rubicon/Sahara flares for a while
  4. ranger101

    Calling Green TJ's

    Medium Fern Green
  5. ranger101

    Idaho Speaker pods for rear seat

    UPS is always more expensive, FedEx is pretty cheap and reliable, USPS will lose it and tell you a month later 😂
  6. ranger101

    Rampage Soft Tops

    Marked down to $275, apply the $100 coupon and you get a frameless soft top for $175. Great deal for someone wanting one for seasonal use! RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 109535 Frameless Trail Top for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, Black Diamond w/Tinted Windows...
  7. ranger101

    What do you drive besides your Jeep?

    There’s a Triumph missing from this picture but it’s hiding until the warmer days.
  8. ranger101

    Painting over powder coated aluminum wheels?

    Plasti-Dip is such a pain to remove later on.. been there done that. Paint can always be changed as well.
  9. ranger101

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Big difference in the looks of that front end! I like it
  10. ranger101

    Painting over powder coated aluminum wheels?

    I always scuff up the surface with a scotch brite pad then clean with denatured alcohol before applying a primer. That’s how I’ve done spots on ATV frames, wheels, bumpers etc with good results. Some might recommend something like 180 or 220 grit, but I find it’s a little too coarse and you’ll...
  11. ranger101

    Anyone ever driven across the country in their TJ?

    I recommend getting gears as well, but after making the trip. I wouldn’t want to test a new set of gears on my way across the country.
  12. ranger101

    Adjustable track bar question

    My Jeep spent almost 10yrs on a 2” spacer lift with factory track bars. No extra stress than there was from the factory.
  13. ranger101

    Arkansas No longer for sale....MorRyde hinges and tailgate reinforcement

    Are you getting a quote through UPS or FedEx? I ship things often from my shop using a business account, FedEx is much cheaper in most situations. For example, I bought a pair of Rubicon flares from a member on here. UPS wanted $200 to ship it, FedEx charged me $8 and even picked it up from the...
  14. ranger101

    Mucket seals: what holds them on?

    I put a small dot of super glue on mine to hold them to the door surrounds. You could also use some RTV on them.
  15. ranger101

    Rim protection in a tire - how important?

    Let me give you a couple examples. Here’s my KM2’s, @Westtown Willy KM3’s(both on 15x8’s) and my KO2’s on a set of 17x9’s. Now compare those to the Falken MT’s. The Falken’s seem to be the only thing with any “extra protection”
  16. ranger101

    Were factory leather seats ever offered in the TJ?

    What about Apex editions? Were they factory builds or sent off to another company after being built?
  17. ranger101

    How many miles do you get from a full tank with your 4.0L?

    4.0, AX15, 4.88’s and 35’s. On a 300mi beach trip I see 230-240 miles before the light comes on.
  18. ranger101

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I popped 4 drain holes in about 6 months ago to start flushing the frame out. Unfortunately the flakes just got bigger and a little more concerning. It’ll be fine though, fortunate to find it now vs having something happen when I’m away from home.
  19. ranger101

    130k & going strong

    Sometimes I consider mine is broken. 186k miles, over 30k done myself and it’s never been on 🤫
  20. ranger101

    Where and how to learn to weld and work with metal?

    I could have somebody running decent MIG beads in a few hours. I recommend getting a simple 110v flux core welder and practice with that. Some YouTube videos and a cheap spool of wire will have you welding in a weekend. I recommend a used Miller or Lincoln, but wouldn’t hesitate to try a new...