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  1. khakitj

    Education in the USA

    It’s harder to fire people nowadays too, at least in CA. The number of steps involved to avoid a lawsuit is just infuriating. It often makes more economic sense to pay someone to leave than to go through that process.
  2. khakitj

    Education in the USA

    I’ve worked with some experimental physicists who became very good at metal work, welding, plumbing, electrical wiring, etc, because they needed to be hands on in their lab. There is a story about Enrico Fermi where his car broke down on a long road trip - after he fixed it in the parking lot...
  3. khakitj

    Education in the USA

    We homeschool. Learning is highly valued in my family and I don’t have the power to fix a broken system.
  4. khakitj

    Long crank

    Is the fuel pump the same for all years? I noticed the OP has a 2002 and I have a 2005, wondering if it is going extinct too.
  5. khakitj

    California Norcal Jeep Adventure Christmas tree run

    Have fun, guys! I have a company holiday party this day, otherwise would be joining you all. Looking forward to seeing pics/videos of your adventure.
  6. khakitj

    Automatic transmission cooling lines

    I thought I read somewhere on here that the 42RLE doesn't have a valve, it's different than the earlier transmissions that needed a valve on the line?
  7. khakitj

    Flat Earth

    Not to derail the thread, but there was enough discussion about the margins of science that it reminded me of my favorite crazy idea that is just sciencey enough to make it fun
  8. khakitj

    Grabar install measuring

    I have a link above to the ones I ordered on eBay. You should be able to put them on without removing the GraBars.
  9. khakitj

    You know you drive a TJ when...

    One thing that helps me stop obsessing like this is to actually have things break that do need fixed.
  10. khakitj

    The fortunate JK, JL of the day thread

    I thought of this
  11. khakitj

    In4Lo - Amazon Prime series

    I liked the show. I think season 1 had a lot more TJ/LJ while season 2 was more JK/JL which wasn’t as interesting to me.
  12. khakitj

    In4Lo - Amazon Prime series

    I think I remember one guy on the show commented that what they were doing was “sketchy as hell” in that scene
  13. khakitj

    You know you drive a TJ when...

    I just saw MacGyver and hit the like button, didn’t even need to read any further.
  14. khakitj

    05 Rubicon for $19500

    Being towed doesn’t affect our odometers.
  15. khakitj

    Khaki TJ Build - 2005 Sport

    Here is a straight on shot of them
  16. khakitj

    Khaki TJ Build - 2005 Sport

    I saw these in @EJD ’s build thread. He has an informative amazon review up too. I like that they set behind and only fill in the holes instead of covering part of the grille and making it look too thin.
  17. khakitj

    Khaki TJ Build - 2005 Sport

    That’s water under the Jeep, not spilled coolant (this time)
  18. khakitj

    Khaki TJ Build - 2005 Sport

    Fixed the small rad hose leak, then installed my grille inserts
  19. khakitj

    How to Lengthen the Spare Tire Snubbers?

    x2 on the rubber mallet
  20. khakitj

    2019 Dunginess Crab season has started

    Caught this guy with a snare trap from shore a few years ago at bodega bay It was delicious. I’ve also caught a few surfperch near there. I’ve only lived here a few years so still exploring all the ways to enjoy the NorCal coast.