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    Cheap spare tire bump stops?

    So I went to go put a spare on the back of my TJ today and realized there aren’t any of the rubber bump stops on there. Figured I’d just go pick a couple up but they’re $10 each, and they aren’t even the correct length since I had to install a different carrier to fit my tires. Lots of tips for...
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    Wipers stopped working - where to start?

    As has become the norm for my shitbox (98 Sahara), went out today for a little spin and came back with a new problem: the wipers stopped working. The spray function is fine, but no matter what I do, the wipers will not wipe. Thoughts on what I can check (fuse, plugs, etc)? Thanks.
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    Steering not returning to center

    So after replacing control arms, shocks, springs, tie rod, etc (basically everything suspension related) I had my TJ aligned by a 4x4 shop because things were pretty out of wack. They managed to sort out almost all of the issues except for one - the steering doesn’t return to center. When going...
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    Broke down with code P0171

    98 TJ Sahara was driving fine until all of a sudden at ~45 mph the truck started surging. Came to a stop and it threw a check engine light and started to idle extremely rough with a strong smell coming from the exhaust. Managed to limp it to an auto store and they read the check engine code as...
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    Heater core parts question

    So I replaced my heater core earlier this year after it completely failed and have since been religiously checking for signs of another leak. Earlier today I noticed one and my heart stopped for a moment thinking I’d have to pull the entire dash and do the job over again, but it was thankfully...
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    Grinding when shifting transfer case

    With everything in neutral, Jeep starts fine. I shift the transfer case into 4H (transmission still in N) and again, all good. As soon as I move the shifter from N however, there is the most horrendous grinding noise, even if I go straight past R into P. If I shut down the car and start it back...
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    New Mopar radiator leaking

    Installed a new Mopar radiator a few months ago, along with an entirely new cooling system, that I’ve since put about 100 miles on. I started the Jeep and moved it a few feet and noticed after I parked it, there was a nice little puddle of coolant under the front. Pressure tested everything, and...
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    Suggestions for new tires / wheels?

    I don't know who or when they were put on, but I have a 98 Sahara, OEM height, with 31" BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires mounted to Grizzly rims. I spend at the very least 75% of my time on paved roads, making the tread on these a bit overkill, and one of the rims has a serious crack in it (running...
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    Another edition of name that part

    Time for everyone's favorite game. Just finished replacing the fenders on my 98 Sahara and just as I was about to toss the old ones, I noticed a black box attached to the right side fender that I failed to switch over or notice before. Box has no electrical connects going to or from, and only...
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    Door panel crack repair

    Like many, my interior door panels are badly faded and have a large crack along the top. I was able to stabilize the crack by doing some work on the inside, placing a support by epoxy. I tried a couple things to fill in the crack before painting though, such as JB Weld plastic bonder and...
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    Seat covers vs new seats: thoughts?

    Have a Sahara with seats that are more or less in perfect condition (minus a pull tab on one which doesn’t work). With a pup and my intended use however (as a weekend camping / bad weather vehicle), I don’t foresee them staying in that condition for too long and wanted something that would...
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    How to remove fender flares and trim?

    Getting the TJ ready for some paint by removing existing fenders, flares, and that trim panel directly above the running board (no idea what they’re called). Thought this was going to be a quick job but much like everything else, not so much. A few questions for people who have been through this...
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    Rear axle not centered

    After replacing control arms, shocks, and springs in the rear of a Dana 35 (along with about a million other non-suspension things), I put the tires on and noticed the left tire is rubbing pretty well against the upper spring mount. When I drop the car all the way down, it doesn’t actively rub...
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    Question about re-gearing for daily driving

    98 Sahara 4.0L 32RH w/ 31" tires running on a Dana 30 / 35 with I believe 3.07 in the back and ~120k on the clock. Yet another day, another thing that needs replacing. Going to be doing very little rock crawling, mostly just a weekend car that will see city and highway use. Went to replace the...
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    Fuel pump assembly doesn't fit

    I have a 98 Sahara that I went to install a new gas pump assembly in today. I went with a Delphi (FG1353) until I could have a chance to rebuild the current Mopar one since I could t find an OR assembly. Went to go place it in the tank today and it doesn’t fit. It’s about an inch too tall. I...
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    Sports bar covers - black

    Looking for a set of black sports bar covers for a 98. Don’t need the foam, just the covers themselves. Thanks!
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    Good wheel well liners?

    While doing all the front end work I removed the small rubber / plastic shield in the front wheel wells that stops all sorts of grime from getting in the engine bay. After getting them out, it was apparent how torn up they were. Looking to replace them, preferably with something more...
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    Windshield hinge removal and powder coat questions

    The windshield and door hinges on my TJ are pretty badly rusted (big surprise). I was just going to replace them until I saw the price. Instead, I’m considering just taking them off and getting powder coated. The door hinges on the body and doors themselves came off super easily, but before I...
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    Help with 32RH transmission leak

    So my 98 Sahara has been sitting on a lift for the past couple weeks as I get all the suspension bits figured out (should have bought stock in PB Blaster). I've noticed while it's sitting up there that ATF is leaking from under the drivers side, specifically the second hole back on the skid...
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    Toughest paint coating?

    I have a number of parts, both interior (such as the soft top hardware, door panels, etc,) and exterior (plastic fenders, bumper) that are functionally perfect, but cosmetically crap. I was going to try and restore / repaint them OEM colors, but it's been difficult to match the colors well, and...