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  1. Flivver250

    A Modest Plea

    I have forward and reverse spot lights. I keep them covered at all times unless I actually expect to use them off-road which I rarely do in the dark except when setting up a camp site. Surely blinding someone is illegal everywhere.
  2. Flivver250

    Does doors off equal more tickets?

    It's never wise to argue with police. Be polite and accept the ticket. You can always fight it later and almost always win. The legal system is geared towards letting offenders off the hook, remember that. Judges and state attorneys like criminals better than law abiding citizens.
  3. Flivver250

    Overdue Intro

    Welcome aboard. Nice looking rig.
  4. Flivver250

    Wandering steering

    When I was a fresh mechanic decades ago, our shop owner intentionally did not perform front end alignments. He said, to do it correctly takes longer than most people want to pay for. Customers compare price to tire shops that crank it out in 15 minutes and would wonder why we charged much...
  5. Flivver250

    Coolant bubbling in overflow tank

    Liquid coming from the exhaust is probably condensation blowing out before it warms up.
  6. Flivver250

    Engine temp

    Well that is good news. I live in the middle east. Hotter than ball sweat. Lots of people and garages screw up their cooling systems with "improvements". I have seen as many as four electric fans (2 in the grill and 2 in the hood), plus every possible non-MOPAR radiator sold. No t-stats...
  7. Flivver250

    Abomination TJ

    Only with 3.07 gearing.
  8. Flivver250

    Heater core exploded

    Probably just a defective core. Still sucks. Ask for a refund.
  9. Flivver250

    Rear shelf build

    Welcome aboard. Good first post. I'm not sure you noticed, but your steering wheel is on the wrong side!
  10. Flivver250

    New to Jeeps

    What is your coolant temperature reading when you think it is overheating (assuming the gauge is semi-correct)?
  11. Flivver250

    Battery drains after about 10 days

    Fully charge the battery and perform a bona fide load test on it.
  12. Flivver250

    Dealership screwed up brake job

    This is why many folks learn to do the work themselves. Find a mentor, buy some tools and take on these projects yourself. Your entire brake system could probably be replaced for less than a 1000 bucks. Probably what you actually needed could be done for a lot less. Calipers seize up...
  13. Flivver250

    Engine does not run right after valve job

    As far as wondering about a reman or cam job, I doubt you can trust luck after seeing this. I'd be watching for falling pianos and meteors as well. Humor aside, I think I'd go with cam, lifters and timing gears/chain at this point. If you weren't already this deep, I'd suggest a quality...
  14. Flivver250

    Engine temp

    That means you are 100 bucks away from finishing the job. Your Jeep will not let you cut corners or save money. You may as well surrender and and go buy the clutch and pump. Why fight it? The only thing not new in my entire cooling system is the T-stat housing. I have been stunned and...
  15. Flivver250

    Tapping noise (is it my lifters?)

    I have never been good at diagnosising noises from a video. The exhaust manifold itself or the gasket is often the culprit, but so are the lifters. The lifters are on the passenger side in the block. My original engine had about 90K miles on the clock and a couple of lifters were noisy until...
  16. Flivver250

    Florida 2003 TJ Wrangler X 4.0L Automatic

    Beautiful rig. You will regret selling it.
  17. Flivver250

    What is this plug?

    Exactly. That one is metric as well.
  18. Flivver250

    New guy

    Welcome aboard. This thread is worthless without pics
  19. Flivver250

    Tapping noise (is it my lifters?)

    You can use mechanic in a can cures for noisy lifters. They often work. MMO has been trusted for a century. Old lifters can chatter for a very long time without causing more grief than aural annoyance and TJ peer embarassment. When you eventually get tired of it, rebuild or replace. With...
  20. Flivver250

    Should I be using my transfer case?

    The linkage should be cycled occasionally. Just to keep it moving freely.