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  1. Rock Toy

    Heater core exploded

    This is not my day. I just finished doing some work on the TJ (O2 sensors) and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. Motor got warmed up and then as I came to a stop sign, the heater code blew up. Keep in mind that I just replaced the heater core no more than 50 miles ago. Anyone have any...
  2. Rock Toy

    Gas tank skids (A little more clearance?)

    I have a 2005 TJ and still have the stock tank skid. As it's set up at the moment, my upper four link mounts sit between a 1/4" and 1/2" from the skid, which is fine. I was just wondering whether or not anyone makes an aftermarket skid that is tighter up against the tank? So I can gain a little...
  3. Rock Toy

    Are my shocks too short?

    Just installed a set of 3.5” MetalCloak springs and bought some FOX shocks from Savvy. Got the shorter ones. Threw them on the Jeep and it really looks like they are too long. I’m going to outboard when I eventually swap out the tank and do a stretch but plan on keeping these in place in the...
  4. Rock Toy

    California Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Rear Pair compatible with 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ w/4-6 Lift LJ

    Installed them on the jeep and then dropped the lift from 4.5" to 3.5". These are too long for me so they need to go. Part Number 980-24-645. Prefer a local seller but will ship if I can't sell locally. Stock photo posted for attention.
  5. Rock Toy

    California Front Runner Fridge Slide - 40-52L

    Just bought this used and its too big for what I need. Sells new for around $350.
  6. Rock Toy

    California 2005 Jeep Rubicon Rear Driveshaft

    I have one and don't need it anymore. Located in San Francisco but might be willing to ship it. Works fine.
  7. Rock Toy

    SOLD UCF Transfer Case Skid for '97-'02 TJ (Ultra High-Clearance)(Carbon Steel)

    $250. Accidentally bought the wrong one. I have a 2005 TJ. I am in San Francisco and this is for local pickup only. Its brand new with a quick coat of paint on it. And I have some 1.25" JKS Pucks and Bolts that I'll throw in if you need them. A member on here gave some to me and I am more than...
  8. Rock Toy

    TJ storage / packing solutions?

    So I'm on my 3rd TJ and this time, i want to do it right. My goal is to have everything set up so that I can pack the Jeep and be out the door in less than a half hour. I also just picked up a Dometic fridge so I would like to integrate that into the back of the TJ. I have been searching online...
  9. Rock Toy

    California Trade half door panels?

    I just picked up some TJ half doors and would love to trade panels with someone looking to switch to grey from khaki. PM me if you want to trade. Mine are dirty but in good shape. I'll bet some elbow grease will bring them back.
  10. Rock Toy

    Exhaust with a Four Link

    So I just finished putting my rear four link together in my TJ and now have to figure out my exhaust. Specifically, the muffler. Here are some pics of what I have. What is everyone else running? I'm thinking that moving the Cat all the way forward and then tucking the muffler in next to the...
  11. Rock Toy

    WTB: CA - TJ Half Doors

    Probably the wrong time of the year to be searching for half doors but here I am. Looking for either Metallic Khaki or Black TJ half doors.
  12. Rock Toy

    What is the next best option other than the Savvy 1.25" body lift?

    I need to install a 1" body lift in order to clear the link mounts for my 4 link. From everything that I have read, the Savvy 1.25" set is the one to get but they are not open and not responding to calls/e-mails, etc. And unfortunately, I can't wait. Whats the next best option? Anyone have a...
  13. Rock Toy

    WTB: Trade Yellow Half Doors for Khaki or Black Half Doors

    So I just came up on a set of yellow TJ Half Door with Black interior panels. They are in beautiful shape but unfortunately, my TJ is metallic khaki and although Yellow is better than nothing, I would love to try to match the doors to the body. So metallic khaki is ideal and black is acceptable...
  14. Rock Toy

    School me on Mid-Arm vs Long-Arm

    New guy on this website. I joined because there seems to be quite a bit of info on Savvy Mid-Arms here and I'm curious. I am not buying a kit from anyone. Building my own four link for the rear right now and have some questions about Mid-Arms vs Long Arms. I already have Rokmen short arms and am...