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  1. Lane Page

    Is this normal? Jeep still runs after pulling key out of ignition

    My Jeep engine was running and I had to hop out and run back inside to grab my wallet and my lanyard hooked onto my leg and my key was pulled out of my ignition. Nothing happened just wondering if that is normal or not? The engine was running still normally. Is that meant to happen where the key...
  2. Lane Page

    New headlight recommendations

    I want new headlights which models and brands do you guys recommend that will last me a long time and are good quality?
  3. Lane Page

    Show off your tube fenders!

    I am thinking of purchasing tube fenders and would just like to see how other jeeps with them have turned out after installing!
  4. Lane Page

    06 Wrangler

    This is my first car and apart from the rims and tires which my parents got for me as graduation present, I have purchased and put on everything by myself. When I saw her for sale online I didn’t believe it I thought the price was too good to be true. But so far I’ve put on a cheap front bumper...
  5. Lane Page

    Getting rid of factory fenders

    I’ve been wanting to lose the original fenders that are on my Jeep and I’m not sure what fender flares I actually want. I’ve looked a lot at tube fenders but the only bad thing is the price is generally high, any ideas on what I should consider and any pictures of builds I can use as reference?