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  1. Irun

    How many bumpers have you been through?

    Cleaning up some Jeep pictures, I realized I've now been through 5 bumpers, excluding stock, on my current Jeep (3 Front & 2 Rear). I'm guessing that others are doing their part to keep the TJ/LJ aftermarket going, so how many have you been through? Front Current - UCF Ultra Clearance Aluminum...
  2. Irun

    Passenger side spring binding on spring/shock tower

    For personal reasons, I stored my Jeep for over a year and put zero miles on it. Before storing it, I had taken it to a supposedly reputable shop for a 4 wheel alignment. After the alignment I basically brought the vehicle home and tucked it away in the garage. About 4 weeks ago I put it back...
  3. Irun

    2005 Beryl Green LJR - 88K miles, for under $19K

    If this was closer to me, there's a high probability it would be in my garage today. It's not, so sharing with others!
  4. Irun

    2004 Rubicon 27K Miles
  5. Irun

    It's Chris's fault

    On my way home from work today I counted 6 Angry Bird grilles (One TJ and 5 JKs). They didn't bother me before. Now they do. Thanks Chris!
  6. Irun

    Need a LJ storage area measurement

    My backseat is out now, so can someone give me a measurement from the top of the back seat to the inside of the tailgate? I'm looking to get a storage box for the back and need an idea how deep I can go with the backseat installed. Thanks!
  7. Irun

    UCF Windshield Frame Guard Install

    A trail ride last year resulted in a small dent in my windshield frame. To reduce the possibility of this happening again, the search began for a guard for the frame. After looking at the options available, I found a couple with light bar mounts, not my thing, and then two real candidates, i.e...
  8. Irun

    I'm looking for LJ lockable storage options?

    I'd like to install a metal lockable box behind the rear seat. For you LJ owners, what have you installed? My only requirements are I'd prefer a metal box and it needs to fit in the back with the seat up. I know GR8TOPS makes a box specifically for the LJ, but it seems like I could find a...
  9. Irun

    Virginia Rain Gear Trail Cover (TJ)

    I bought this and never used it, other than for a test fit. This is a Made in U.S.A cover that's quality. I've purchased several trail covers and this is without a doubt the nicest I've had. Here's a description from the website: "This is the style of cover you would want if you ride WITHOUT a...
  10. Irun

    Virginia LJ Gray passenger side soft top window

    I found this, in very good condition, gray passenger side window hidden in my spare windows. I only have the passenger side, but if you're looking for a spare this is a cheap replacement.
  11. Irun

    Any reason to not buy this synthetic winch line?

    With so many sellers, it's hard to tell the bad from the good. That said, I don't see a reason not to buy this. Did I miss something?
  12. Irun

    SOLD Dana 44 and Dana 30

  13. Irun

    What's a fair price for a Dana 44 and LP Dana 30 pair?

    I know prices for these can be all over the place, so I figured I'd ask here. This is a TJ Dana 44 rear and LP Dana 30 front pair. The rear 44 is drum brakes and has a limited slip. The front 30 is open and the pair is factory geared 3.73. Both are in very good condition, with no known issues...
  14. Irun

    How much does a Warn Zeon 10S weigh?

    Looking around for product information, I found the number of 80.4 lbs for a Zeon 10S. Does anyone have a confirmed weight, including rope, fairlead and hook?
  15. Irun

    42RLE Transmission Temperatures?

    For those of you running a temperature gauge on your 42RLE, what temperatures do you normally see on the trail?
  16. Irun

    SOLD Rubicon Dana 44s - Sold

  17. Irun

    What interesting things did you find in your TJ/LJ?

    I'm guessing this has been covered, but I recently found a 17MM socket inside my frame, while cleaning it out. This made me wonder, what interesting things others have found either in their Jeep, or done to their Jeep. As an example, I restored a '99 TJ a while ago. While cleaning it up I...
  18. Irun

    Moving Light Mounts

    This is an older picture, I've changed the bumper setup, but it works for illustration purposes. I have a pair of Hella fog lights that I'd like to move. Under the current configuration the lights are to far forward, resulting in me ripping two of them off from tree branches. Additionally, they...
  19. Irun

    New twist (Maybe?) on an old question

    The topic of modifications is discussed frequently here for people new to Jeeps. This makes me wonder, what does a good bolt on suspension system look like for the TJ/LJ? That said, if you were putting together your own high performing short arm suspension, with 3 - 4 inch lift, what would...