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  1. jesseshoots

    Quadratec Hires Ex Rugged Ridge Head of Product Design

    Looks like Quadratec is seriously upping their investment into their own product line. And it wont just be knock-offs of other companies designs either if he has anything to say about it. This guy, aside from myself and the two other engineers that I worked with, was the reason for the change...
  2. jesseshoots

    SOLD Early TJ Mirrors

    I have a set of oem mirrors off my ‘97 TJ. They’re gross looking on the outside but the glass is clean. They’re starting to get weak, so they only hold their position for a few trips. I never tried to tighten them up, so not sure if that will help or not I replaced them with a set of NOS export...
  3. jesseshoots

    Jesseshoots' TJ Build

    What's up everyone, my name is Jesse and I have a '97 Wrangler that I bought back in Feb. '19. I first was introduced to the off-road world when I took my first job out of engineering school (go Jackets!) with Rugged Ridge designing parts for the JK and eventually JL. After almost three years of...
  4. jesseshoots

    Just how bored was Chrysler in the 90's? What on earth is this abomination?! I love it and hate it at the same time.
  5. jesseshoots

    Kilby OBA for '97 Questions?

    I'm planning out a York OBA setup and was wondering if the '97-'99 non-a/c Kilby bracket will allow for the compressor to mount horizontally and clear the stock air box. If not, is there enough room for it to mount vertically. The description off the C U Off Road site is posted below. They...
  6. jesseshoots

    AX15 Won't Go Into Gear

    So I got in the Jeep this morning to go to work and I couldn't get it to go into any gear from neutral. I have a '97 with a 4.0L and AX15. I only encountered this issue when the engine was running. As soon as I turned it off I was able to go through all the gears, smooth as butter. The clutch...
  7. jesseshoots

    Who Locks Their Doors?

    I was wondering who locks their TJ doors, full or half? I ask because I don’t lock mine, and for good reason. I went to grab something from the Jeep tonight and found that someone had broken in and gone through all my stuff. I lock the glove box since my insurance card is in there, but they...