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  1. jesseshoots

    New control arms (Savvy versus Metalcloak)

    I went with the Savvy arms (Johnny Joints) because the JJ is tried and true. It's 100% serviceable unlike the one and done type MC joint. Does MetalCloak offer free replacements or do you have to purchase them at a full/discounted price when they wear out? The components for a JJ are cheap and...
  2. jesseshoots

    What Brake Bleeders Are You Guys Using?

    That motion pro bleeder looks awesome. I may have to buy one.
  3. jesseshoots

    SOLD LED Litedots

    Sent you a PM.
  4. jesseshoots

    SOLD LED Litedots

    What were the issues you ran into with them? Depending on the severity I'm interested
  5. jesseshoots

    Mid-arm rear brake line

    I should have been more clear. I used the rubber tubing to mock up the flex lines to see what lengths I would need and how they would bend into place while coming on/off the arms.
  6. jesseshoots

    Savvy CE-9100SA questions

    The greasable bolts are pretty much useless. They were for certain JJ's that had holes thru the race that would accept the grease thru the bolt. AFAIK those aren't supplied with any of the Savvy kits. The best way to grease the JJ is to take it apart. Most won't even accept any thru the zerk...
  7. jesseshoots

    Mid-arm rear brake line

    I bought all custom length Fragola brake lines from Race Part Solutions. They were able to hook me up with the exact length I needed when I redid my fronts and they arrived in less than a week. I should have bought all my fitting through them as well but I didn't plan that far out and had to go...
  8. jesseshoots

    Someguys 04

    Looks good. If only you had a dimple die!
  9. jesseshoots

    Daily Driving 35" M/T Tires

    The grabbers are worse than KO2s in the mud if you ever get into it. They soak it all up and become racing slicks. At least that was what I've seen from people running both in the South. I run KM2's and while they're good overall, they don't like cold and wet rocks. I couldn't find grip to save...
  10. jesseshoots

    14 Bolt Front Axles

    Have you seen the WOD TJ/LJ chassis kit? It looks to be exactly what you’re dreaming of
  11. jesseshoots

    14 Bolt Front Axles

    Most everyone I wheel with has a 14b rear and a kingpin D60 front. They also run 40"+ stickies and trailer their rigs to each event. They can do more than I can with my measly 35" KM2s and D30/44 combo, but I hang with them for the most part of the day and watch them do the crazy stuff I...
  12. jesseshoots

    What is the best riding and performing lift kit for my 2001 TJ?

    Completely different animal. When switching from leafs to coils you have to add control arms.
  13. jesseshoots

    California UCF aluminum skid 97-02 for the cost of shipping

    Damn, that's what I get for doing my work and not browsing the for sale section. Nice grab @sjalkian
  14. jesseshoots

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Got it! That will make life easier at some point for sure.
  15. jesseshoots

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Why not reuse the same tcase support you already had? It looks like it's plenty to support the rear end of it.
  16. jesseshoots

    Do I still need to use control arm cam bolts?

    The only purpose of the BMB washer is to retain grease put out by the greaseable bolt. If you don't have bolts with grease fittings, you simply need to tighten the hardware to spec. No need for any special washer.
  17. jesseshoots

    What is the best riding and performing lift kit for my 2001 TJ?

    Shocks react to velocity based inputs. Springs react to displacement based inputs. The shock does all the work to control how fast/slow the spring will load and unload. This is what determines ride quality, not the reactive force of the spring. It is truly that simple.
  18. jesseshoots

    SOLD UCF Transfer Case Skid for '97-'02 TJ (Ultra High-Clearance)(Carbon Steel)

    Damn, wish I was local. Shipping would kill on this. GLWS
  19. jesseshoots

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Looking good. Glad you’re feeling better and able to get back at it!
  20. jesseshoots

    High travel, high clearance & high octane, a streetable adventure LJ story

    some sand paper and spray paint and it'll look good as new