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  1. Mumblewood

    Naches area this weekend

    Headed up to Naches area this weekend for some jeepin. It was hot and fun, only 3 rigs including me in our group so about the perfect size for running quick. No real action pics of me since I was leading but my buddies daughter tried to get one of me close to going over backwards but missed it...
  2. Mumblewood

    Saw this gem this weekend

    This was pure American badass!!!
  3. Mumblewood

    Washington Naches/Manashtash

    Heading up there in an hour or so My group will probably be playing at the rocks for a bit Saturday so if ya see us, stop by and say hi! No kid this weekend so I didn’t feel like loading up the camper
  4. Mumblewood

    Engines running rough on start ups

    So when I drive my jeep around it runs totally fine, but when it’s warm and shut it off for just a couple minutes it’ll run real ruff for about a min. Then clears up and runs great again. A couple friends thought it was probably a leaking fuel injector but I just checked them and there all...
  5. Mumblewood

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day to all of us that lace kids today!! Did anyone get anything cool? My family didn’t get me anything for the jeep since I’m too hard to shop for jeep stuff gifts but I did get some cool stuff Today I’m getting treated to my favorite Spanish foods homemade my my wife and son!! I...
  6. Mumblewood

    Jeep clubs, what's your take?

    Just curious on people’s take on Jeep clubs? I’ve been in and out of them, officially licensed and otherwise all my life Lately I’ve been considering getting back into another official club but had a bad experience with my last one. As of now I jeep with my core group that I’ve been wheeling...
  7. Mumblewood

    Washington XXX root beer drive-in Jeep show

    March 29th starting at 9:00 AM. Not sure if I’m going yet, and if I do I won’t be entering the show but may take the Jeep down with my son to look around and have a root beer float.
  8. Mumblewood

    When Jeepin' goes bad (aka why we have good roll cages)

    Talkin to a friend of mine about the “good old days” and thought I’d share some of our jeepin gone bad pics. This is why we have all built real cages. Some of the bad pics had crapy roll cages that have since been replaced with “real” ones both of the white jeeps are different rigs and they had...
  9. Mumblewood

    Washington Moonshiners swap meet

    Head up, the Moonshiners swap meet is coming up next month, March 8th. I haven’t been in a few years due to living outside the country, but will head up there this year. Link to more info
  10. Mumblewood

    Trailering your Jeep

    Just curious on how other people who trailer their Jeeps on how you tie it down. I’m always looking for different, faster, easier ways to load my Jeep on the trailer. The group I wheel with all seem to have different methods like straps or chain. Axles or frame. Over tires with straps or...
  11. Mumblewood

    Back in the day

    Sooo, board and went through some of my uncles old pic’s. This is how I grew up Me my brother and sister in 1979, I’m in the goggles and 3 1/2 behind our Dads flatfender. My uncles flatty is xt to us and he’s the adult in the pic
  12. Mumblewood

    Fixing dents

    So I’m at the point where I want to make my Jeep look a bit better. I have some dents I want to try to remove and wondering if anybody has any ideas or tips on removing a large dent. A few years ago I flopped my Jeep in a comp and have had a good size dent in the tub ever since. My brother used...
  13. Mumblewood

    Snow wheelin

    Did some light snow wheelin today, mainly a kiddos play in the snow day that we drove our jeeps to. Snow was so so deep, pretty easy, helped a stuck TJ though. 6 jeeps in total, 4 TJ’s and a couple JK’s. The guy with the white JK also has a pretty cool green YJ , but it’s getting some work done...
  14. Mumblewood

    Any skaters on here?

    Just curious if anybody else on this board skates. I’ve been skating for a close to 35 years on and off. Lately it’s been more off since I got a concussion skating last year(stupid me, left my helmet in Spain when I came here for a visit) Today I was unpacking some stuff and found my decks, I...
  15. Mumblewood

    Evans creek Washington today

    So Today I met up with a friend of mine and went to Evans Creek up here In Wa. During the summer this place is known to be pretty easy, but we used to go there all the time since it’s so close. In the winter this place gets real nasty but they now have seasonal closures to protect some dumbass...
  16. Mumblewood

    Washington Evans Creek

    Gonna try to hit up Evans Creek next weekend. If anyone wants to go. I have no idea what to expect since it’s been over 3 years since I’ve been there but with this time of year you’ll want to have a good mud terrain tire, hopefully at least 1 locker or better yet a winch. It should be muddy...
  17. Mumblewood

    Naches trail / funny / moon rocks

    Well last night a couple friends and myself did what used to be our annual “Sleepless Run”. It was annual until I moved but I’m back now so Game On So we did our usual meet up at 8 PM Friday night(so I left my house at 7 PM) at a pizza joint in Enumclaw, after some dinner we gassed up and ran...
  18. Mumblewood

    Washington Probable funny/moon rocks 11/10

    99% on hitting the rocks In Wa. This Saturday. Not for the faint of heart. Probably snow, steep climbs and my friends who can be a bit gruff. I don’t t expect any damage, body or otherwise, but anything can happen. I’m just super leery of inviting people. I’d say 33” rubber minimum and at...
  19. Mumblewood

    Snow wheeling season prep

    So with the snow wheelin season upon us, just curious about what changes if any people do to their rigs for deep powder Jeepin I personally don’t do too much, I try to remove as much weight as possible, like taking out extra parts and tools that I know I won’t need, pack a shovel and some hand...
  20. Mumblewood

    What fuel injectors

    So I’m pretty sure I have a leaky injector, showing all the symptoms. But I’m going put a meter on this weekend to double check. Sooooo... wondering what to order? I’m leaning towards OEM Mopar replacement. Since I have done no motor work to enhance power I’m thinking stock should be...