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  1. Mumblewood

    Rear seat stuck. Won't come out anymore

    I didn’t worry about that at the time, but I did have the plastic piece pulled so it would fold.
  2. Mumblewood

    Rear seat stuck. Won't come out anymore

    This happened to me YEARS ago, I think I ended up getting “frustrated” and just slammed it forward as hard as I could and it broke free but didn’t break anything. I think I lubed it up and haven’t had any problems with it since.
  3. Mumblewood

    Stupid Question

    I drove mine about an hour to get home after breaking mine. It feels weird but not scary.
  4. Mumblewood

    Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

    Out playing a couple weeks ago
  5. Mumblewood

    Let's see some cool places you've been in your Jeep

    The winners circle :cool:
  6. Mumblewood

    Saw this gem this weekend

    Safari hat
  7. Mumblewood

    Washington Naches/Manashtash
  8. Mumblewood

    Naches area this weekend

    I got the tub at the rocks back in 09. We camped just off little Naches river road. Not a great spot this time since most of the good camp spots were already taken by the time we got there just after 8pm I almost always take the left line and this time it was super easy being super dry. We had...
  9. Mumblewood

    Naches area this weekend

    We should plan a WTJF trip near the end of summer
  10. Mumblewood

    Naches area this weekend

    Headed up to Naches area this weekend for some jeepin. It was hot and fun, only 3 rigs including me in our group so about the perfect size for running quick. No real action pics of me since I was leading but my buddies daughter tried to get one of me close to going over backwards but missed it...
  11. Mumblewood

    Daily driver or trail rig? What's your Jeeps job?

    I voted trail rig but will usually once every week or two drive it to work on sunny days or if we get a lot of snow. I can and sometimes will drive to trails if there close but like trailering more often then not. Ease of mind knowing I can get it home and can try whatever I want to try without...
  12. Mumblewood

    Saw this gem this weekend

    This was pure American badass!!!
  13. Mumblewood

    37s with a 4 inch lift

    I’m on 37’s with 4” of lift. I like it a lot and don’t want to go higher.
  14. Mumblewood

    Washington Naches/Manashtash

    Heading up there in an hour or so My group will probably be playing at the rocks for a bit Saturday so if ya see us, stop by and say hi! No kid this weekend so I didn’t feel like loading up the camper
  15. Mumblewood

    Your go to music

    I’m also all over the board, but usually when I’m cooking it’s something along the lines of “The Rat Pack” (my 9 year old son is now a fan of Sammy Davis Jr because of this) Right now though I’m in a Ramones faze.
  16. Mumblewood

    How many bumpers have you been through?

    3+ fronts, I kept modifying one a few times 2 rear 3 tire carriers
  17. Mumblewood

    Best places to strap down a TJ

    Another vote for axles
  18. Mumblewood

    Towing rig and camper

    If I had it my way I would have this in crew cab and an airstream
  19. Mumblewood

    Evans Creek, WA

    So did ya go back this weekend? I didn’t make it, too many house projects