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    Gentex GNTX-221 Mirror Wiring

    Thanks so much for your efforts!!!! Does any one know in a U-pull it yard, what vehicle has a 221 double din installed and to build a wiring harness between the top of the dash and the mirror, what all is needed? Thanks
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    Hard top paint

    Do you have khaki interior. I have a 03 Rubi with a khaki interior and I made the mistake of painting the khaki roof black thinking I was so smart... I hate it. Repaint
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    WTB: Looking to buy a 03-04 Moab wheel

    Thanks so much! Thanks for that valuable info as I want to locate one
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    WTB: Looking to buy a 03-04 Moab wheel

    Hi I live in Sioux Falls SD yes I would love to buy your spare wheel. Ideas on FedEx to 57107
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    Found a possible Rubicon to buy

    does this included the cost of the divorce.....200,000
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    Found a possible Rubicon to buy

    I got a white one Ill trade
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    WTB: 05 Stock tire carrier

    Great, thanks
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    WTB: Looking to buy a 03-04 Moab wheel

    Hi, I purchased an O3 Rubicon in Texas that had been slightly T-boned and it ruined the wheel. Looking to buy one that matches the other 4. the early Moab wheels (03 and 04 are a different casting than the 05 an 06). The wheel would have to located in the Midwest as the freight would be a...
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    WTB: 05 Stock tire carrier

    ive got one in
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    Illinois Graveyard Jeeps & Parts Inventory Sale

    Looking to buy the ash tray dash plate for an 03-06. I want the one you show in the pics. I don't want an ash tray. thanks
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    OPINIONS PLEASE fuel tank skid plate

    Have an 03 Rubi OME lift with a 1 1/4" body lift. have a Rokmenn trans plate and thinking of installing there fuel tank skid. I have heard unless I REALLY pound it the later factory plate is tough enough, Opinions please. I any going to cut the factory plate down which would five me nearly 2"...
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    Please educate me on Insta-trunks

    I have to tj's , one came with a black PLASTIC insta-trunk. Love it, so I have advertised looking for another one for the other tj. I have got replies that theirs are metal. Didn't know they had factory trunks made of metal. Early production. Please help thanks
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    Fresh Paint

    I'd leave the sliders on. I just bought an 03 Rubi that had been 30 mph T-boned and the factory rubicon rails saved it from more being totally junk. Previous owner was 70 and bought it new and did want a "wreck jeep" I got a 80,000 mile driveable gift for $6200. great insurance for the other...
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    WTB: Also want an insta trunk

    super thanks
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    Opinion on Mamba Moab 15x8 wheels?

    Has anyone purchased or seen the Mamba Moab wheels, I took off my factory 16s and am going back to 15s. Do the look factory original or are they a cheap look alike. Thanks so much for any opinions
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    Mamba wheels

    Hoping someone has an opinion on mamba Moab wheels. I removed my factory moab wheels and bought a set of 15inch Fuel wheels and dislike them..Would love to go back to the moabs but am running am running 33 12/15 and don't want load range E tires. Question being has anyone bought a set of...
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    Tap in to switched power for aux fuse block

    Like your fuse block, where might I find one please
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    WTB: Also want an insta trunk

    Looking to buy an insta trunk, preferably a the lite brown/tan one but any color would work, Thanks
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    Anyone familiar with Core 4x4?

    I agree with the previous post. I like you was very interested in this product before I purchased my control arms. Like previously stated, their tier 4 arms are priced right up there so I purchased Savvy double adjustable arms and am beyond thrilled I did. For price savings I thought it was a...