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  1. Powdermonkey

    Should I buy new OEM body mounts when doing body lift?

    I have purchased the savvy body lift and now need the OEM body mounts. The lift that is currently on the Jeep replaced everything. So my question is should I buy new from Crown? Should I buy used from a junk yard? Should I try to piece it together with what OEM are available? Parts #3 & #5...
  2. Powdermonkey

    Colorado Rock Junction

    Anyone going to Rock Junction?
  3. Powdermonkey

    How tall do jack stands need to be to cycle suspension?

    How tall do the jack stands need to be to cycle the suspension? My frame is 21” off the ground. I really don’t want to stack wood, one for safety and two because I don’t want to store it.
  4. Powdermonkey

    Genright's LJ Tracer

    I have know idea what I’m really looking at but they make it sound like the shiznit! Lower center of gravity, anti squat, up travel, it has it all. I tried to post the video of the LJ Tracer they just built but I’m ignorant to the technology. Maybe Chris will help me out. It’s on Genrights...
  5. Powdermonkey

    WTB: ISO AEV highline $200 finders fee

    As most of you know the AEV kit is difficult to locate and even harder to be the first responding. Because of this I think my best bet is to ask the help of the masses. I will pay a finders fee of $200 to anyone that can find a complete fender kit for me or you can donate it to the forum. I...
  6. Powdermonkey

    AEV Brute For Sale

    Really clean built Brute for anyone in the market. I’m not sure how it compares to others but looks good to me.
  7. Powdermonkey


    I found a great opportunity! What could go wrong driving a giant wiener?
  8. Powdermonkey

    AEV hood vs cut hood

    Ok guys, as I ponder buying this absolutely ridiculously priced AEV hood I have a question for those of you that have seen the two. Is the AEV that much better? To my understanding the only difference is the edge. I read where people put weather stripping along the edge but that needs changed...
  9. Powdermonkey

    Public Service Announcement

    I would like to take a moment to inform you non Ford truck owners that we are NOT running with the brights on just because you see four headlights. You can stop flashing us! That is all, carry on
  10. Powdermonkey

    Genright rear sway bar

    Anyone have this sway bar? It is expensive and takes some fabricating to make it fit so there are more cost associated with it. But as I understand it, it can go infront or behind the rear axles. Not sure if one is better than the other? On top of that Genright claims you won’t need a front...
  11. Powdermonkey

    King sway bar link stabilizer?

    Hey guys I was watching a video on SEMA. The guy comes up on Kings Jeep and is going through it and comes across what he called a sway bar link stabilizer. He seemed puzzled so I started googling. I couldn’t come up with anything so I figured someone on here would enlighten me.
  12. Powdermonkey

    Revolution Gear 10% off

    Labor Day Sale, unfortunately (for me)they don’t have American made D44 fronts in stock. They do have the rears. Does anyone know if they will put you on a waiting list?
  13. Powdermonkey

    Going back to stock air intake?

    The PO had a Edge Preformance Trailjammer installed(I think), throttle body, electronic module, etc. Should I go back to the OEM air intake? Leave the throttle body and electronic module and OEM air intake, if possible? Scrap it all? I’m aware of the problems that these aftermarket filters...
  14. Powdermonkey

    Another backspacing question

    A while back I thought I read that 3.75 backspacing is needed for 35x12.5. Jeep has 4.5” lift and 1” of body lift. Ordered the wheels yesterday and now I’m second guessing myself.
  15. Powdermonkey

    Forum advice vs shop advice: Are 5.38 gears to low for Dana 44?

    As a newbie how does one determine which way to go? Been lurking for a short time but it’s obvious who the big posters are, and who seems to have real knowledge. That being said how should someone like myself decipher the difference of opinions between forums and shop advice? So the story...