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  1. DetroitTJ

    Project Pissed Off Wife II: Teeth > Jeep

    When I look at your picture it looks like there are clips that likely fit over the edge of the pod and then the screw threads into the clip. Not sure if I’m missing the point or not. Sorry if I am.
  2. DetroitTJ

    Popping in the rear axle

    Those symptoms are typical of driveshaft U-joint failing. Maybe remove the rear driveshaft and drive with only the front wheels and see if the noise persists.
  3. DetroitTJ

    Project Road Salt - A Michigan Jeep Build

    Great job salvaging the frame. The welding looks perfect. I had a similar issue and found a donor frame in Indiana. Word of advice - don't ask this group for name suggestions. Maybe it's already too late.
  4. DetroitTJ

    Here is some reality of today's world

    I support the police. What's going on right now is difficult to comprehend. You guys have a very difficult job and are under scrutiny for every action you take. When you boil it down, the two recent tragedies occurred because of resisting arrest. It's easy to watch the video and say you...
  5. DetroitTJ

    Another frame picture

    Take it from someone who bought a rusty mid-west Jeep and later had to find a donor frame - buy a southern Jeep!
  6. DetroitTJ

    Are online car lease swap sites reputable?

    I’m in the process of taking over a lease. I paid $20 for a one month membership on This site connects people looking to transfer their lease with those looking for a short term lease. You can search by location and number of months remaining on the lease. The lease transfer in...
  7. DetroitTJ

    This is what the electric Jeep is going to look like at Moab

    The consumer’s appetite for EV cars will likely follow gas prices. Releasing an EV Renegade or Compass right now doesn’t seem to achieve FCA’s mission statement of providing “exciting products”. I’m not smart enough to predict the future, but I have a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid with 232K miles...
  8. DetroitTJ

    So I wasn't actually shopping for a TJ for me

    Looks good. I can't say that I've seen anyone cut the flairs before, but it's a good look.
  9. DetroitTJ

    Tcase leaking after SYE

    I used the Advanced Adapters SYE kit. I also used a rebuild kit. I think the rubber star washer was in the rebuild kit. The washer that was originally on the output shaft was a bit worn but probably could have been reused with some RTV. maybe just opening the vent will help.
  10. DetroitTJ

    Tcase leaking after SYE

    Did you put RTV on the output shaft housing? There is also a rubber seal that slips over the output shaft. I watched the Advanced Adapters video and they put RTV around that small seal as well. I wouldn’t have known this without watching the video.
  11. DetroitTJ

    WTB: Transmission tunnel cover plate for 1999 TJ AX-15

    Thanks for thinking of me. I found one on EBay a couple weeks ago. You can get about $40 for it on EBay.
  12. DetroitTJ

    So I wasn't actually shopping for a TJ for me

    Looks very clean. Keeping it stock would actually be the sensible thing to do, but this site is not called “Sensible Wranger TJ Forum” for a reason.
  13. DetroitTJ

    Saving a 2000 Jeep TJ

    Nice work! I started repairing a rusty Jeep about 2 years ago and it became a frame off restoration. I hope to have it driving this summer. I like you’re approach of fixing what needs to be fixed and driving it.
  14. DetroitTJ

    Anyone been to the gun store lately?

    Everybody needs to decock and holster. There is a civilized alternative to TP ...
  15. DetroitTJ

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Rebuilt NP231 transfer case.
  16. DetroitTJ

    I am officially a TJ owner

    Looks great!
  17. DetroitTJ

    Custom Transmission/Tcase Tunnel Cover

    I don’t have any advice on this, but I’m swapping from auto to manual and am looking for a stock transmission tunnel cover for a manual (AX-15 - not sure it matters which transmission). Do you still have yours? Do you need it?
  18. DetroitTJ

    WTB: Transmission tunnel cover plate for 1999 TJ AX-15

    that would be great. Let me know if you do and what it’s worth to you. Thx!
  19. DetroitTJ

    WTB: Transmission tunnel cover plate for 1999 TJ AX-15

    Hey. I’m converting my 1999 from auto to manual (AX-15) and am looking for a transmission tunnel cover plate for a manual transmission. A picture of what I’m looking for is below. Anyone able to help?
  20. DetroitTJ

    Are online car lease swap sites reputable?

    This is not a Jeep question but this site seems to have people with various car knowledge. I would like to lease a car for 6 months - I’m expecting my Jeep build to be my daily driver in the next 4 to 6 months. Dealerships that I’ve talked to do not offer anything less than 24 months. There are...