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  1. Leinhit

    Audio wattage question: Matching speaker wattage with head unit

    If my new polk audio speakers are rated for 100 watts / 300 watt max.. Am I short changing myself looking at a marine radio rated at 22 watts RMS? Are they not the same thing? What wattage stereo should I be looking for.. I do not have an amp at this time And no real plans for one. I...
  2. Leinhit

    Car wash damaged my Jeep

    So I take my Jeep with hardtop through the automatic car wash. I purchase the unlimited package for twenty bucks a month I get to go through as many times as I want. Great for getting salt off in the winter time. couple weeks ago I mentioned the passenger side brushes were not even touching my...
  3. Leinhit

    WTB: Windshield wiper mechanism

    2001 Jeep Wrangler. The stud that the windshield wiper connects to broke off my mechanism. Unless there's some other way to fix it I need the whole mechanism that goes under the cowling. I don't need the motor with it. Right now I only have a driver side wiper. Shipping to 49322
  4. Leinhit

    How is this threaded rod supposed to be attached inside door?

    My outside door handle stop opening the driver door. I took the panel off and this is what I found it inside today. I know this threaded Rod should be attached to something I assume maybe this three-sided metal square cap looking thing with the holes in the side? does someone have a picture, a...
  5. Leinhit

    Rear defroster not working this year

    2001 sport I put the hardtop on a few weeks ago and now the weather's turn cold I found my rear defroster is not working. the rear defroster button just pops back into its original position when I press it and the light in the switch is not working. if I recall correctly when you press the...
  6. Leinhit

    Stock radio / CD or other

    I missed out on the last couple freebie deals by just a few minutes. does anyone have a stock radio / CD player for a 2001 TJ? I don't need anything super fancy just something to listen to on my way to work. The volume control button on mine no longer works at all. I don't even have the stock...
  7. Leinhit

    TPS: about to give up

    This is a summary of my TPS problems. I'm about to give up because I can't figure it out. started with the p0123 error code with an additional p0121 sometimes at random. I put on a new aftermarket TPS. That did not solve the problem. I went back and tested my factory original with my...
  8. Leinhit

    First bikini top, what am I doing wrong?

    just purchased my first bikini top. Did not have instructions with it. What am I doing wrong here on the front corners? I can't get those to tuck and stay? Is it because I'm using full door surrounds? there's some front velcro straps near this corner but they don't seem to help wrapping it...
  9. Leinhit

    Is adding a ground wire to my TPS sensor a bad idea?

    As I continue to chase down my TPS problems I can't help but suspect it might be ground related. Is it ok to splice in a new ground wire to the current ground wire ( black with a blue stripe) near the TPS and run this to the firewall ground? I would also splice in a ground into the same wire...
  10. Leinhit

    Should an OEM TPS need to be turned open a bit to install?

    Took my TPS off and when I was putting it back on I noticed the throttle body blade is straight up and down, but the TPS opening isn't. The TPS had to be opened against the TPS spring a bit to make it line up with the throttle body blade. Is this normal? Doesnt that give the computer a false...
  11. Leinhit

    Is this a valid way to test my clock spring?

    2001 TJ P0123 error code I've replaced my TPS sensor with a brand new one and still have the same code and rough running. I am attempting to test my clock spring before purchasing a new expensive one. I took the steering wheel and airbag off and disconnected the two plugs going to the clock...
  12. Leinhit

    Fun Jeep TJ dealer video showing tips and tricks

    Probably everyone has seen this.. But was fun to see a new 2001 TJ and how the dealer recommends taking care of it. Sorta a video owners manual. Reading about wet clock springs made me remember this and the video has a warning not to get the steering wheel column wet? Hmmm
  13. Leinhit

    Found my leak, how to fix?

    2001 TJ I've included a short video showing my water leak. I believe it's the seal where the windshield folds down, I have never folded it down. Does anyone know if they offer replacement seal or a suggestion on how to fix? You can see the water just flows through with no resistance. I was...
  14. Leinhit

    Michigan Frame repair / safety cap install in Michigan?

    My frame is getting bad, right at the rear shackles of course. Who in the Grand Rapids, Mi area can install the safety cap kit? Or is there something else? I watched the YouTube vid from safety cap and wished they were local, very nice repair with the sand blasting, new frame kit and then...
  15. Leinhit

    Handling / steering issues fixed!

    2001 TJ sport I have a 3 and 1/4 inch lift with 33 inch ko2 tires. This being my first Jeep I assume they just all rode like a bucking bronco. It definitely was a two hands on the steering wheel adventure. I was constantly making a judgments to the steering wheel fighting back and forth I...
  16. Leinhit

    For you stereo guys

    2001 TJ sport The stock stereo in my TJ is gone to junk. You try turning the volume down and it actually goes up. Leaving you stuck turning it off or listening to a full blast and overall just doesn't sound good. I just spent my money putting a new Android stereo head in my Ford F-150 although...
  17. Leinhit

    Replaced fuel pump strainers now no fuel pressure

    2001 TJ 4 liter I replaced my rusted-out fuel tank skid plate. While it was out I took the fuel pump out and replaced both of the strainers with new. I replaced the large round rubber gasket as well. Put everything back together I turn the key I can hear the fuel pump come on momentarily each...
  18. Leinhit

    What should I address while gas tank is off?

    Good day all. 2001 TJ I have the gas tank off to replace the gas tank skid plate. While it is off I noticed the rear track bar has some jiggle play on the one passenger side bushing. Is that bushing replaceable or do I have to replace the entire rear sway bar? Could it be just the bolt...
  19. Leinhit

    Cold weather starts and clutch not disengaging

    2001 TJ 5 speed So last winter and this winter when the temps hit 20-25F I noticed when I push in the clutch and crank the motor over the Jeep lurches forward with the motor. Only when sitting a couple days. Anyone else experience this and any fix? I guess i could just put in neutral, or...
  20. Leinhit

    Michigan Any one else make the Jeep fest in Hudsonville, MI yesterday?

    It was a great time. Obstacle course with beginners and advance area along with lots of Jeep stuff. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk