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  1. Drafthorse

    JK or JL: which one and why?

    Considering trading the Explorer for a 2018/2019 wrangler. all things the same- mileage condition and model, which one and why. sport model on each
  2. Drafthorse

    TJ Fastback style soft top- Smittybilt another top and bumper

    Not mine, but saw it local to me. Looks like he's also got another top and a bumper for sale. If interested I'd be...
  3. Drafthorse

    In4Lo - Amazon Prime series

    I was scrolling through Amazon Prime this week and saw this series- In4Lo. It features a group of enthusiasts from Cali who do local to them rides and highlights their local terrain. Pretty cool series to watch. I know @Jerry Bransford knows one of the people on the show. Overall, they seem...
  4. Drafthorse

    What is it?

    This is/was attached to my LJ on the top right of the cross bar/ passenger side rollbar. I unzipped the rollbar cover and undid the 2 connections and removed it. The Jeep still runs, no cops or Feds showed up, so I'm just wondering what it is to.
  5. Drafthorse

    Khaki left fender

    Don't need the flairs, but will take if they come with it. I'm in MD and can meet from DC to Philly to State College to Winchester fairly easily. Let me know what ya got. Of course looking for rust free! thx John
  6. Drafthorse

    LJ rear seat brackets

    I have a set of LJ rear seat brackets for sale. Good shape- no bolts. $125+ shipping on your dime.
  7. Drafthorse

    LJ rear seat track torx size

    What size torx bit is needed to remove the rear seat channel?
  8. Drafthorse

    LJ rear seat channel: what size torx bit?

    What size torx bit is needed to remove the seatbelt assy on the floor and the rear seat channel in 06 LJ?
  9. Drafthorse

    My 06 LJ

    Bought this in July and looked like this... Tow hooks mounted backwards and all! 06 LJ 6spd no rust and pretty much stock... except for the engine which the PO replaced at 85k (170 on the clock). New Bestop top. Exterior looks great. Interior was/ is needing work. But everything works...
  10. Drafthorse

    How to rear seat from 2006 LJ with broken seat cable?

    I have searched here as well as the interwebz and can not find a clear direction on how to remove my LJ's rear seat. The left cable is broken and I can't figure out how to get the seat out so I can replace the cable unit. Is there a way to remove the seat with out folding the back down first or...