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  1. Stinkbug

    Did I overpay for my TJ?

    Once the check has cleared the bank, whether or not you overpaid is irrelevant. What is more important is that now that it is yours, you get your 7k of enjoyment out of it. After all, the purchase price is just the beginning of a lifelong series of empty pockets when it comes to Jeep ownership.
  2. Stinkbug

    Currie Rocker Mounting Questions

    Here is an article that gives a pretty good overview of the Currie "Rock Ribz" installation. I imaging they are the same as your sliders but with an additional bar.
  3. Stinkbug

    First metal saw thoughts

    I have to agree on Makita metal saws... I have a LC1230 that I picked up from the Amazon Warehouse. It was discounted to $380 because it had a scratch on the table which has long since been obliterated by many more scratches. Unlike an abrasive saw you don’t have that mess of fine and power...
  4. Stinkbug

    Rivet Nut Gun Setting Tool

    It’s amazing how many uses I found for rivnuts once I got the hang of installing them. I find the install method is often dictated by space constraints. Sometimes you are limited to using wrenches and washers, other times you can get one of the bolt cutter style tools in there, but when space is...
  5. Stinkbug

    Tipping on to-go orders: What's the consensus?

    That’s a good question... But one that is no less than the minimum wage would be a good start.
  6. Stinkbug

    Tipping on to-go orders: What's the consensus?

    If they were paid a fair wage, their incentive to do a good job would be to not lose a job that pays a good wage. The same incentive you and I have.
  7. Stinkbug

    Tipping on to-go orders: What's the consensus?

    Steve Buscemi brings up a valid point in the clip. Why does our collective society deem one service job worthy of tips while denying that same perk to other similar positions? Why is the Starbuck's employee tip worthy but not the kid at In and Out Burger? Both offer a good product with generally...
  8. Stinkbug

    WTB: (1) Walker Evans 15x8 Beadlock

  9. Stinkbug

    California TJ Switches

    These are switches that fit in the factory slots in the center bezel next to the ashtray in my 1997 TJ. (1) Factory Fog Light switch -it was working when I took it out today. However, it does not have a pigtail. (2) Gold Coast Offroad aftermarket switch labeled “ON”- new and never installed...
  10. Stinkbug

    California M.O.R.E. Dead Pedal for TJ

    I have a new never installed MORE Dead Pedal that I purchased for my 1997 TJ. It was never installed. The hardware and directions are still in the bag. The pedal ha a small ding in the powder coat (see the picture). I put a pencil eraser to give some sense of scale to the ding. I will part with...
  11. Stinkbug

    Bolts through top of frame okay to hold skid plate?

    The frames are not as thick as you might think. I would watch to be sure you don’t over tighten and risk crushing the top of the frame. When you are ready to fix it look here for a nutsert / bolt kit
  12. Stinkbug

    Best route for rusted windshield frame (replace or repair?)

    There is a good chance the rust damage is not limited to that one side of the windshield frame. I would look for a used one in the right color but even that does not guarantee against hidden rust. If you are adventurous, maybe the best solution is the use the money that you would pay the body...
  13. Stinkbug

    California Pioneer stereo wired for 1997 TJ (free if picked up otherwise $25.00)

    Today I removed a Pioneer DEH-2200UB stereo from my 1997 TJ. It been in there a while but I have rarely used it. I can’t tell you anything about it other than it works and is wired with the proper pigtails to be plug and play in a 1997 TJ. It may fit other years as well. My memory tells me it...
  14. Stinkbug

    WTB: (1) Walker Evans 15x8 Beadlock

  15. Stinkbug

    I hit a deer and dented my grille. Can I just put an angry bird grille over it?

    Too little too late.... you should have put the angry grill on first. The menacing look would have certainly scared the deer away. Pro Tip: I hear is works on the ladies as well.
  16. Stinkbug

    40K, now I have seen it all...period

    As ugly as that Jeep is and it is UGLY, those seats look rather comfy.
  17. Stinkbug

    Bottle Jack Buddy

  18. Stinkbug

    Purchasing first time TJ (rust)

    Same picture bottom of the frame behind the belly pan looks suspect as well.
  19. Stinkbug

    Purchasing first time TJ (rust)

    My personal experience is that rust is ALWAYS worse than it looks. 3rd picture looks pretty crusty / chunky and chunks are bad. Often frames rust from the inside out. What you see on the surface is sometimes just the tip off the iceberg. The only way I have found to find the extent is to tap it...