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  1. Kevin Bright

    Anyone know the length of the jounce bumpers on a TJ?

    Anyone know the size (length) of the Jounce Bouncers that are used on our Tj's. Mine rotted out and I'm not paying around 50 dollars for foam. I am going to make a set from some Dense foam blocks I have lying around but I need to know the length (even just the length they hang down from the...
  2. Kevin Bright

    Revolution shafts won’t fit rubicon

    So I did an axle swap to 04 rubicon axles this weekend and when I went to put in the American made revolution shafts for the 03-06 rubicon. The rears went in without a hitch after I removed the old race but for some reason the caps on the u joints are hitting the bolts that connect the hub to...
  3. Kevin Bright

    From Conservative Build To Rock Crawler

    What’s up guys and gals, First I would like to say BE WARNED OF SOME BAD PHOTOS! Okay now with that out of the way I would like to thank all of you for loving your Tj’s the way you do and sharing your experiences and thoughts about them on this forum, all of the information that is on this forum...