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  1. BuildBreakRepeat

    YJ brake line swap—how to remove upper nut?

    Evening all, I’m having some trouble removing the bottom nut on the hardline of my front brakes where it goes into the softline. I’m swapping the OEM soft line to some YJ lines, and can’t seem to get the nut off (without feeling like it’s stripping). @mrblaine Any advice?
  2. BuildBreakRepeat

    2006 Steering Gear Box Rebuild

    What is the recommended rebuild kit for an 06 box? And has anyone done it or have advice?
  3. BuildBreakRepeat

    Is this steering box play normal (video)

    Morning all, I’m looking for input/advice on the condition on my steering box and to see if this is a normal amount of play. The video shows dry steering with no slop in the shaft from wheel to box, and no slop in the drag link/tie-rod. Thank you.
  4. BuildBreakRepeat

    Bumpsteer on properly setup steering

    Evening all, I am currently running a Currie trackbar and Currie steering. My axle is centered using the gun-sight method and the steering is aligned to 1/8” toe-in, and wheel is straight. When going over bumps slowly I experience steering wheel movement that cycles from the 10-2 position on the...
  5. BuildBreakRepeat

    The only time an angry grill and light bar doesn't bother me

    Saw this picture today, the term “usable flex” came to mind :)
  6. BuildBreakRepeat

    Android head unit - fits stock

    I found this while cruising the Facebook market place! Figured it might help somebody.
  7. BuildBreakRepeat

    BFG KM2 True Sizing

    Information update for this that are interested. As many of you know, BFG runs their tire sizes small (one of the many reasons I’m switching). After 30,000 miles, my 31575R16 KM2s measure 32” with 26psi in them. Free mounted (spare tire) they measure 33”. 31575R16 is equivalent to 34.6” - and...
  8. BuildBreakRepeat

    Part Number for Rear Track Bar Bushing?

    Does anyone know the part number or sourcing for a rear track bar bushing? I’ve spent days searching online with zero luck. Not looking for a poly replacement.
  9. BuildBreakRepeat

    Why is a rear locker more commonly used than a front locker?

    Quick question for those who see the behavior of front and rear lockers often. Why is a rear locker “more commonly” used over the front locker (many say “oh I never turn it on) given that the rear locker pushes you in sometimes unwanted ways and the front locker doesn’t actually affect steering...
  10. BuildBreakRepeat

    Savvy Engine Skid and 42RLE Clearance

    For those of you who have savvy under armor - how close is the 42rle pan from the skid? Looking for clearance given I have a deeper than stock pan. Actual numbers would help but pics work too!
  11. BuildBreakRepeat

    Cobra 75 WX ST Thoughts?

    I’m looking to get a new CB after my old radio shack special finally died. I’m looking for thoughts/opinions on this cobra remote setup. I think it could be really nice in the small space of my TJ. Comes packed with features that seem interesting - check it out:
  12. BuildBreakRepeat

    A quick appreciation

    Merry Christmas Eve to all on this forum, thanks for making this place a good environment for discussion and thoughts. When I got on here a year ago I never thought I’d spend as much time as I do - but it never fails to open my eyes to new ideas and suggestions. I hope you all have a great night...
  13. BuildBreakRepeat

    Tire width and fitment

    I am currently running 35x12.5 BFG KM2 D and would like to run a skinnier tire as well as switch to an all-terrain. I have a set of 5 17” machined finish JK Moabs I will be using once the KM2s wear out (3 more months). I’ve been looking at KO2s as they have a great reviews as fit well here in...
  14. BuildBreakRepeat

    Front seat recliner modification

    Has anyone modified their front seat to fully recline flat? Is it even possible/realistic to do?
  15. BuildBreakRepeat

    Savvy's LJK

    Anyone been keeping up with Savvy’s LJK build? Looks like an awesome project that could have a lot of off road potential.
  16. BuildBreakRepeat

    Tub leaking from rain, wait what?

    Okay so I’ve been having a small leak every time it rains here in Oregon...which is often! The leak puddles up on the passenger side floor. Now, no carpets means I can see the exact place water is coming in from. I ran my hand around the top, checked the A/C discharge, door seal...DRY. Now I...
  17. BuildBreakRepeat

    The All-Terrain Daily Driver

    Hey everyone my name’s Garrett. I’m currently a forest service engineer out of Corvallis who loves to run the forest roads, crawl rocks, and camp in my Jeep. Also doesn’t hurt we have some nice dunes to fly over on the coast. This build is going to modeled after a few unchanging things - I will...
  18. BuildBreakRepeat

    Suspension Cycling (Currie steering interference with Antirock)

    Anyone have a clue why when my suspension is at 3/4 droop the steering hits my Antirock? I’m cycling again to recheck bumpstop with turning radius adjustments and ran into this issue (see pics). Input is appreciated! @jjvw @Chris any help?
  19. BuildBreakRepeat

    Funny shirt found in Sedona, AZ

    I can relate to this moment all too well!
  20. BuildBreakRepeat

    BuildBreakRepeat's ‘06 Rubi Build

    Blank @Chris can you delete this thread please?