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  1. DetroitTJ

    WTB: Transmission tunnel cover plate for 1999 TJ AX-15

    Hey. I’m converting my 1999 from auto to manual (AX-15) and am looking for a transmission tunnel cover plate for a manual transmission. A picture of what I’m looking for is below. Anyone able to help?
  2. DetroitTJ

    Are online car lease swap sites reputable?

    This is not a Jeep question but this site seems to have people with various car knowledge. I would like to lease a car for 6 months - I’m expecting my Jeep build to be my daily driver in the next 4 to 6 months. Dealerships that I’ve talked to do not offer anything less than 24 months. There are...
  3. DetroitTJ

    Michigan Dana 35 stock 3.07 from 1999 Sport

    This is a stock Dana 35 axle with 3.07 gears. There is nothing wrong with it that I know of. I took it off because I did a Ford 8.8 rear axle swap. It obviously needs some TLC.
  4. DetroitTJ

    SOLD Complete exhaust from 1999 4L

    This is a complete exhaust removed from a 1999 4L. I’m doing an engine swap and will need a custom exhaust. There is nothing that I know of wrong with this.
  5. DetroitTJ

    Michigan 1999 4.0 motor and 32RH transmission

    I have a 4L motor and 32rh transmission removed from a 1999 TJ for sale. I bought this Jeep knowing it did not run well because I’m doing a diesel swap. The motor needs to be rebuilt. I really don’t know the condition of the transmission. I just want to get rid of it. I can help load it onto a...
  6. DetroitTJ

    4.0L AX15 Bellhousing bolt specs

    I’m bolting up an AX-15 and need new bellhousing bolts - I plan to get something in the hex head variety. I need to be clear about the pitch and dimensions of the bolts. Can someone help me out?
  7. DetroitTJ

    4.0L AX-15 pressure plate bolt specs

    I need to buy new bolts to attach the pressure plate to the flywheel. I am not sure what the specs are for the bolts. When I search online I see Mr. Gasket 910 bolts which are 3/8"-16 x 1", and ARP part 150-2202 which is listed as M8 x 1.25. Can someone clarify what I need please?
  8. DetroitTJ

    I need a steering gear box to fit 2005 frame

    I’m rebuilding my 1999 and in the process got a frame from a 2005. The steering gear box is slightly different shape so I cannot reuse the original. Does anyone have a steering gear box that fits a 2005 that they would be willing to sell?
  9. DetroitTJ

    How necessary is differential case spreader?

    I'm rebuilding a 1999 TJ. This weekend I plan to rebuild the Dana 30 and regear with and ELocker. I have read and seen videos using a case spreader. I have called around and I cannot find a shop that will rent one. How necessary is a case spreader for this job? Appreciate the advice.