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  1. Chris

    "Stanced" JL

    Imagine how expensive it is to replace one of those axles when you break it off-road ;)
  2. Chris

    Denverdean1’s 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    Love that color! I would remove the chrome bits, but otherwise it looks awesome. You don't see that color very often.
  3. Chris

    Storing doors while driving?

    My wife and I have this argument all the time, haha. She hates the doors being off, while I refuse to drive it if the doors are on. I always end up winning this one ;)
  4. Chris

    LED headlight connector question

    I've never seen anything like those connectors in my life, that's weird. I think the easiest way to do it would be to cut the connectors off of them and splice on a standard connector meant for the TJ.
  5. Chris

    Replacing the interior lights of your Jeep Wrangler TJ with LEDs

    Looks great! It's a cheap and easy mod everyone should do.
  6. Chris

    LED headlight connector question

    Can you post a photo of the connector plug on the headlights?
  7. Chris

    The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

    It may work temporarily, but it’s likely to throw a code eventually. You wouldn’t be able to return it if it’s already used.
  8. Chris

    Electric door locks and power windows: Not cool?

    That's what we call patina!
  9. Chris

    Electric door locks and power windows: Not cool?

    Nothing wrong with that... As long as you don't have an angry bird grille... that would simply not be okay ;)
  10. Chris

    Adding more sub-forums?

    Tried that once. Guess what happened? Each sub-forum had maybe 2-3 posts tops. Same thing that happened over at JF and WF as well. People hardly even visit them unfortunately.
  11. Chris

    Subaru kicks Wrangler's ass

    Interesting! I've had a number of Subarus all with over 150k miles and none of them ever let me down. Definitely one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned. Hell, the one I had in my early twenties had 300k miles on it.
  12. Chris

    Subaru kicks Wrangler's ass

    It is a game changer, I agree. On the older Subarus you had to change the head gaskets and timing belts usually around every 70-80k miles. They switched to chains in in 2011 I believe it was. The chains are supposedly "life time" if I remember correctly, but you and I both know that's b.s. I...
  13. Chris

    Hello from Wyoming

    X2 to what @tworley said. I would ditch that body lift for sure, but otherwise that's a damn fine looking Rubicon, and one of the best colors to boot!
  14. Chris

    99 or 06 fuel tank?

    Use the 99.
  15. Chris

    Subaru kicks Wrangler's ass

    Modern Subarus no longer use timing belts. They use timing chains, which don't have the intervals that the belts used to on the older Subarus.
  16. Chris

    Maintenance for a newly acquired TJ?

    With that mileage (and age) I would replace the O2 sensors (see here: The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread) and do a cooling system overhaul (see here: Jeep Wrangler TJ Cooling System Overhaul FAQ), as well as spark plugs.
  17. Chris

    Best shocks for 2” lift?

    The Rancho RS5000X has the best pavement ride of any bolt-on shock in my opinion.
  18. Chris

    Pcoplin's TJ

    I am indeed. I'm also just musing over the even with as good as the 4.0 engine is, it will only get you so far. If you're planning on putting 40" tires, one-ton axles, etc., it's probably time to think about putting in a more powerful engine. But hey... to each their own ;)
  19. Chris

    Dana 35 rear and Dana 30 front: Where should I go from here?

    It's worth mentioning that 37s would indeed require some wider and stronger axles (one-tons), and it should also be worth mentioning that 37s don't have any place on a TJ unless you stretch the wheelbase.
  20. Chris

    Any way to fix uneven wiper blades?

    X2. This is what I had to do with mine.