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  1. PCO6

    Any way to fix uneven wiper blades?

    Years ago I used a spine replacement kit for an old Ford and it worked well. I think I got it at NAPA. They can probably also be found on line.
  2. PCO6

    Barrett Jackson

    When we bought our house the vendor had full size Cherokee in the driveway. I tried to get it as part of the deal but he wouldn't go for it. :crybaby2: I had a '90 Cherokee XJ Laredo at the time.
  3. PCO6

    Louvered hood fun

    Things can definitely pour up. I louvered the "bonnet" of my old MGB/GT. I was driving on a highway and the rad blew. it was actually pretty funny to see the coolant come through the louvres and cover the windshield. It was a coupe. If it had been a roadster with the top down it...
  4. PCO6

    How much would this TJ cost in your area?

    I agree. Canadian Jeeps don't seem to command nearly the prices I see comparable Jeeps going for in the US.
  5. PCO6

    Instrument cluster visibility

    I'll be turning 67 later this year. I started wearing glasses when I was 26 and was legally required to use them for driving. I felt my eyesight getting BETTER over the last few years and at the end of 2018, after the proper testing, I had the requirement removed from my licence. I've now...
  6. PCO6

    Public Service Announcement

    Both of my Grandfathers bought a new car in 1958 and I remember them both at separate times pointing out that they had 4 headlights. They both said everyone would know that it was a new car. That's about all they agreed on. One was a Ford and one was a Chevy.
  7. PCO6

    I can't unsee these JK wheels

    They go well with the white suspension. :biggrin:
  8. PCO6

    Pulling 6x12 U-Haul Trailer with TJ?

    I absolutely love driving my Jeeps in bad weather and don't often hold back. It makes the winter and winter sports, exploring, etc. a LOT more fun. You're right though you have to know when you're tempting fate.
  9. PCO6

    Pulling 6x12 U-Haul Trailer with TJ?

    I regularly tow a couple of trailers with my LJ that weigh around 1,500 lbs. when fully loaded. In good weather I can't even tell that they're there. In bad weather I adjust my driving … "big time". I'm honestly surprised that LJ's are rated that much higher than TJ's (I have one and tow...
  10. PCO6

    What have you seen on the trail? What kind of trouble have you encountered

    That's kind of like when you call your insurance agent to tell him that you hit an animal. … "What kind of animal?" … "A fish" Last summer I was on the Old Nipissing Road and Colonization Trail when I came across a picturesque opening and camp site next to a small lake. There were 3 pickup...
  11. PCO6

    Pulling 6x12 U-Haul Trailer with TJ?

    Unless you're moving out of Canada it looks like you're moving almost half way across it. There's a fairly good chance that in February you're going to encounter some bad trailering weather. Weather notwithstanding, has U-Haul given you the "OK" for using your rig and their trailer?
  12. PCO6

    Stickers: Let's see 'em!

    On my LJ ...
  13. PCO6

    Custom fabric doors?

    Further to my post above (#3) I picked up a set of TJ soft uppers in black (which is what I want - black uppers over gray lowers). Rather than cut up the original gray uppers and destroy them for use on a YJ I realized that it would be fairly easy to remove the TJ vertical posts and reweld...
  14. PCO6

    Custom fabric doors?

    We try our best. :)
  15. PCO6

    On a lighter note

    I used to run an annual lacrosse tournament that involved 7 or 8 fields to play on. Every year we'd rent a canopy, tables, chairs, etc. for each field to keep the off field officials (scorekeeper, timekeeper, etc.) out of the sun or rain. One year during the early morning set up, the guy in...
  16. PCO6

    Need advice for heater control knobs

    I was able to get one of the knobs you don't need from NAPA for about $10 CDN. I'm not sure but they might also carry the knob that you do need.
  17. PCO6

    A New Years Baby!

    Congratulations. What an exciting way to start the new year!
  18. PCO6

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I made paracord door straps for my LJ and installed them.
  19. PCO6

    Picture Request: 32” tires and 2” lift

    265/75R/16 (32"/10.43"/16) with a 2" lift.
  20. PCO6

    Hello from Poland

    Don't worry ... I know what I'm working with. Key words in what I said were "rebuilding/modifying". The interior has been trashed (I bought it for the shell) and my replacement chassis is underway. As for an Airstream, I'm not sure I'd want to go off road with a stock one of those either...