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  1. tworley

    The Wiper Arm Sprayer Mod: Your Windshield Doesn't Need To Be Filthy Anymore.

    I did this mod late last year, worth the $10 or less!
  2. tworley

    Armor / Skid Plating

    Steering box, rock sliders, and gas tank. All of mine have taken some hits. Last year I bent part of my body mount, they make skids for them but I haven't seen much on them.
  3. tworley

    Hello from Wyoming

    No such thing as to low of gearing.
  4. tworley

    Should I stay with 4.56 gears?

    I am currently running 4.56 and 35s, and while I can get around I just need that little bit of "oomph" on the hwy. I constantly find myself cruising in 4th gear and when going uphill, its a battle. 4.56 is perfect for 33s, but a 2" bigger around tire will hurt performance.
  5. tworley

    Should I stay with 4.56 gears?

    No issue. The 4.0 can run 3k rpm all day long. Im making the leap to 5.13s here very soon on my DD
  6. tworley

    Hello from Wyoming

    3"body lift puts to much stress on the body bolts. You're better off with a 1-1.25" body lift. For a suspension lift measure your springs, 12" front and 8" rear are stock, anything over that is your amount of lift. This is a good thread if you want to run 35" tires. A 4" suspension lift with a...
  7. tworley

    Should I stay with 4.56 gears?

    You have an ax-15. With 35s I would recommend 4.88s or 5.13s
  8. tworley

    What do I need to do to run 33s on my TJ?

    What type of terrain are you going to be driving on? Mostly hwy? Rocks? A bit of both?
  9. tworley

    Adding steps with Smittybilt XRC rocker guards?

    You could find a fabricator to cut and weld a step onto what you already have.
  10. tworley

    Dana 35 rear and Dana 30 front: Where should I go from here?

    Dont forget a proper regear and lockers while you are already inside the diff.
  11. tworley

    Balls to the Wall

    I instantly read that with the tone of Don LaFontaine in my head. "In a world...."
  12. tworley

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    What size trailer do you think this guy is pulling? Or maybe just compensating for something? I couldn't quite figure it out.
  13. tworley

    New 2019 California exhaust law: No modifications of stock exhaust or $1000 fine

    My town initiated a noise ordinance law this last summer, and repealed it several months later. No noise level, just fines to those that feel the need to rev their engine thru the small town. $200 first offense, $400 for the second, and mandatory court hearing for the third. If you idle thru...
  14. tworley

    Upgrading Dana 35 to Rubicon Dana 44: How to connect Tru-Lok?

    Ouch. I didn't even look at price as I have been using an ARB setup for the last couple years. $250 ain't cheap, I sold my one OE compressor for $90
  15. tworley

    Upgrading Dana 35 to Rubicon Dana 44: How to connect Tru-Lok?

    There is a part # out there for the same exact compressor but it comes from a Kia. May be the easiest way to get a compressor as rubi parts are hard to find. EDIT: part # 510303E100 IIRC, the pink wire on my compressor was not used.
  16. tworley

    Louvered hood fun

    Loved mine and cant wait to put it back on. Only negative I noticed in the short while I had it was the amount of pollen and small leaves that accumulated (Ive got an annoying honeylocust tree)
  17. tworley

    $300 for LJ hardtop: Is this a good deal?

    Theres a dealer on Ebay who sells a rear window for $250. I bought one from him a couple months ago and it came packaged well, heated, and tinted. Ive seen LJ tops around here for 1.5k. Before you buy that one I would ask for pictures, hard to say what kind of shape it will be in.
  18. tworley

    Rear bumper that hides body lift

    I have the jks 1.25 bl
  19. tworley

    Rear bumper that hides body lift

    Not even noticeable with that small of a body lift. Though, just to toss this out there (I dont recommend the carrier), my smittybilt matches with the body perfectly.
  20. tworley

    Well, I broke down and bought a TJ today!

    Whatever you think is to much. If you are happy with what you got then thats all that matters. Congrats, it looks clean!