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    Hummer EV

    I am not into electric but this is outstanding. Between the Bronco and this the Wrangler is going to be in serious trouble.
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    Is it common to have this many wheel weights?

    The balance machine that was used could be out of working order. Have Discount balance the tires since you are there.
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    Ford 8.8 rear end replacement

    What experience or advise do you have on this change of a Dana 44. Also what year and models of 8.8 are good choices.
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    Picking up where I left off

    Chris - Was it really $3000? I notice you don't have a SKIM. At least not where mine is on a 2001. If you eliminated it, what did you do?
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    Arizona Wheeling... Candy Ass and Hard Ass Trails

    Please don't misunderstand me. Some are very welcome.
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    Arizona Wheeling... Candy Ass and Hard Ass Trails

    That is depending on how many more California people are allowed to cross the boarder.
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    SOLD Kicker CompRT 6.75 Subwoofer (2 Ohm)

    Can you teach me something new? What is a Tuffy console?
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    2001 Green Sahara for $8250

    With that grill you would have to pay me to even drive it.
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    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    Prices are not going to go down on any new vehicle. Sales will be lost to Broncos.
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    Motor swap ideas

    I have no pops.
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    Motor swap ideas

    Talk to and take advise from people that have and drive TJ's with V8 swaps. If you would like to drive mine you would be more that welcome too.
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    What are the best practices for leaving a Jeep sitting for extended periods of time?

    This would be great if you were letting it sit for 12 months or more.
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    Motor swap ideas

    Do yourself a favor and reconsider an LS.
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    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    Sorry but I do not work for the government, what is SFA?
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    Jeep rolled off of Black Bear

    That is so sad to hear. God bless them.
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    Is this 1911 tacky, or cool?

    If she likes it that's what counts. It is for her.
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    Questions about fuel

    Ignition - Distributor Sorry maybe you don't electric in Australia. I have never been there.
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    Questions about fuel

    Sounds like your trimming is incorrect.