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  1. glwood

    Need a quick rundown on replacement soft tops

    If you spend the money for a Bestop sailcloth RAT, you'll probably get 16 years of life out of it like you did the oem one.
  2. glwood

    Falling off Black Bear Pass

    Scary also is how close the Jeep the video is being taken from came to being swept off the trail by the rolling Jeep, and following it down!
  3. glwood

    Falling off Black Bear Pass
  4. glwood

    31" tires with 2-3" lifts?

    2" budget boost, and yes, 32" (265-75/16) tires.
  5. glwood

    What size is the nut for the door hinges?

    I don't have the TJ anymore, but I was completely satisfied with those door nuts. Here's where I got them:
  6. glwood

    What Top Does This Go To?

    When I put my top down, I thought the arch looked odd sitting there, so I would remove it. The door surrounds didn't bother me as much.
  7. glwood

    What Top Does This Go To?

    Any soft top that mounts using your bow hardware and door surrounds would benefit from that top arch bar, as it tensions the fabric, and helps keep water from puddling. Although, some don't care for them.
  8. glwood

    Should I re-use the stock track bar with Currie 4" lift?

    I believe he has a Rubicon...
  9. glwood

    What is the backspacing on factory TJ wheels?

    If you know the wheel width and offset, you can plug those numbers in on this website to find the backspacing: Or this site:
  10. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    Couldn't be happier. The Off Road has a manual shifter for the transfer case (no electronic knob), locking rear diff, multi-terrain select, crawl control, KDSS, which, in essence, is a heavier diameter sway bar with hydraulic dampers, which firms up the on-road ride and cornering, while allowing...
  11. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    I know what you mean...long thread on those @ the 4runner forum also. A lot of unsubstantiated speculation.
  12. glwood

    Broken Driveshaft

    As long as it's out, why not upgrade to a SYE & DC driveshaft?
  13. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    🖐 I figured there'd be a big outcry if I posted any photos of the enemy on here, no doubt. Maybe I'll brave the off topic...
  14. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    Just marked the 1 year anniversary of the great sold/unsold/sold again/unsold again/finally sold 2004 TJ Rubicon adventure, and thought I'd poke my head back in here to see the TeeJular folks and what they're up to. Looks like the same ol' buckets of fun being had by all, from what I can see...
  15. glwood

    Honest Comparison: Old Man Emu vs Rancho RS5000X Shocks

    Ran the newer Rancho RS5000X shocks for about 6 months on my Rubicon, then swallowed the OME koolaid. Honestly? I couldn't tell any difference. I was needlessly out the cost of 4 shocks in the end. Don't do like me.
  16. glwood

    Installed soft top, now I need help finding the part I lost

    Post up the end result when they arrive!
  17. glwood

    Installed soft top, now I need help finding the part I lost

    The clips I have are just like the left hand clip in the photo, narrower.
  18. glwood

    Installed soft top, now I need help finding the part I lost

    They weren't listed as a separate part when I got my BT door surrounds, as they were installed on the surrounds when I got them. I only removed them as they were sort of in the way of my bow assembly, and were not needed. I believe the two screws on each bracket (hard to see in my photo) go...