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  1. Artsifrtsi

    Thoughts on Cerakote

    Does anyone have experience using Cerakote? Thinking maybe it’d be good to use for wheels, bumpers, body armor, etc... maybe even chip resistant coating for axles, frame...
  2. Artsifrtsi

    Thoughts on a set of these wheels?

  3. Artsifrtsi

    This could make a fun project

    This could be the basis of a fun Jeep build.
  4. Artsifrtsi

    Interesting rear bumper

    Saw this linked in another post. Almost looks like a front bumper, but it is deeper and wider... also the bumperettes have plate lights in them. Is this just the UK spec rear?
  5. Artsifrtsi

    Rust and trailer hitch

    Years ago my wife installed a Uhaul hitch on the TJ, but only to use for a bike carrier. (actually installed it within the first year of owning the Jeep, and we are the original owners) The Yakima bike rack stayed installed for 90% of that time till now, to where I had to cut off the lock pin...
  6. Artsifrtsi

    In-system Vehicle Tracking

    What is the in-system Vehicle Tracking? Is this the lo-Jack I found behind the glove compartment?
  7. Artsifrtsi

    Artsifrtsi's TJ MOTHRA

    I am working on this Jeep very slowly... at this point is catching up on maintenance, and subtle mods. My wife purchased this TJ new in 2005, and it has never, and will never leave the family now. After my JT is built up for trails, then I'll start on the TJ. So far, all stock 2005 TJ X. Has...
  8. Artsifrtsi

    Spring perch dimensions

    I didn’t see these dimensions for spring perches in the specifications thread, so I measured tonight, as I was curious. Front perches center to center are approx 36 inches, rear is approx 41 inches. What I found interesting, is my JT the fronts are 40 inches, and rears are 36 inches. Both...
  9. Artsifrtsi

    Rust Belt

    Everytime I read threads on here, I am SO glad I no longer live in the rust-belt! All I have to deal with down here in S FL for rust is the salty humidity creating surface rust on unprotected steel/iron, but I'm far enough inland that I don't even really get hit with that. Sorry, just making...
  10. Artsifrtsi

    Jeep badge earned this weekend

    Went to Salt Springs to run trails in the Ocala Nat’l Forest over the weekend. We took both Jeeps, het TJ, and my JT. Had a blast, and saw some great country and wildlife.