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  1. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    Just marked the 1 year anniversary of the great sold/unsold/sold again/unsold again/finally sold 2004 TJ Rubicon adventure, and thought I'd poke my head back in here to see the TeeJular folks and what they're up to. Looks like the same ol' buckets of fun being had by all, from what I can see...
  2. glwood

    SOLD New in package Bestop tailgate bar / clips

    I purchased these some time back, but never used them. One new tailgate bar for fastening the bottom of the rear window, and two sets of clips for the sides of the tailgate. All are still in sealed packaging. Also have a stock rear track bar at no cost. All items free for local pick up.
  3. glwood

    TJ Spiderwebshade cargo net and misc. parts

    A few items left behind when I sold my TJR last month: Black Spiderwebshade, full length for TJ - $45 shipped - SOLD Black cargo net from This was actually for a JK, but I modified the bottom strap so it works on a TJ. - $50 shipped -...
  4. glwood

    Anyone know where this is?

  5. glwood

    Transporting soft top with hard top on

    Has anyone tried, or knows if the folded down oem soft top on the bows can fit inside a TJ with the hard top on, in any configuration? I know that the bows and fabric come rolled up behind the rear seat when it came new with the dual top option (mine was still that way when I bought it), but was...
  6. glwood

    SOLD Savvy cable shift kit for TJR 241 transfer case

    Brand new Savvy cable shift kit for TJR 241 transfer case only. New in box, never installed. $125 including shipping. PM if interested. Same as this:
  7. glwood

    SOLD 2004 TJ Rubicon mint condition 26k miles

    The day has come. Working on the ad to get the details up to date, and a collection of photos (you can see a lot on the thread linked below), but here are some preliminary highlights: 2004 Bright Silver TJ Rubicon, exterior condition excellent, interior like new 2nd owner 26,500 miles 42RLE...
  8. glwood

    Honoring shooting victim

    I don't remember seeing if this has already been posted; if so, excuse my ignorance. Very interesting how the Jeep community stood behind the family of this school shooting hero.
  9. glwood

    Is Rugged Ridge HD steering a good idea?

    First time I've seen this. Good idea or not? If so/not, why? Basically boils down to heavier tie rod and drag link, with the attachment of the drag link to the tie rod close to the ps knuckle, and the tie rod goes knuckle to knuckle. No modifications to knuckles required. Just curious.
  10. glwood

    Who doesn't use their back seat?

    Just wondering how many of you have ditched the rear seat in your TJ and why...I can't remember using mine as a seat for the last three years. Unless you count my two mutts sitting back there, which they rarely do...
  11. glwood

    Need some 'family' input - sorta long winded, though

    I found this forum & joined in September 2016, and consider @Chris and all the rest of you family. I've enjoyed every minute on this forum, had a lot of laughs, some things that really pissed me off, learned a ton, and hopefully added something to the forum. I frequented JK forums (and others)...
  12. glwood

    Any photos of 2-2.5 lift with 245/75R16 tires?

    Pretty much just curious what a 2" lift with the stock Rubicon wheels & tires looks like, if anyone might have one or two. I know what it looks like with all the other tire sizes, don't need those.
  13. glwood

    Great price on a Currie Antirock? ?
  14. glwood

    Gas prices today...

    When was the last time you saw this:
  15. glwood

    GM slimming down

    Saw a news story last night about GM planning to close several plants, do away with some of their passenger cars, and eliminate 14,000+ jobs...not too rosy a picture for one of the top three...
  16. glwood

    Post photos of your yard projects

    Bored at work today...I'd like to see what you've done around your yards. We bought our property in 1981, and have been working on the yard ever since, with about six or seven major renovations over the years. I thought I'd start off with some photos of my last deck project. The three decks...
  17. glwood

    Sell hard top for twill top?

    I've always been a proponent of dual tops. HT is great for the winter months, soft top for the spring, summer, and fall. I ran a soft top year round on my X, and it was some serious thought to putting up the pristine hard top for sale, the factory sailcloth soft top (only used for...
  18. glwood

    New Goodyear A/T Tire?

    Had to have the tires re-balanced today after a rotation.,.got a slight wobble between 55-60 mph. Anyway, the counter guy at Discount tried to sell me a set of tires. First he tried KO2s, to which I replied "I'd be all over those if they came in a C rating". Nope. Then we got to talking about...
  19. glwood


    Nice, but wow!
  20. glwood

    Transfer case cable shifter

    Anyone heard of this before, or had any experience with this manufacturer: