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    Fixed rear break lights on 2003 chevy express

    I know this is a Jeep forum. But my rear brake lights and high light were out on my 2003 chevy express 1500. I poked around the sockets and fittings with my continuity tester light and no power to brake lights with the brake pushed in. Of course I tried changing the bulbs first, wishful...
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    Clutch fluid

    I know that's not the technical name. There was another thread where we were talking about Redline mt90. Is that transmission fluid? What is the AT-4 for then? Should it be synthetic or not? Now I think they said clutch fluid should be AT-4? Synthetic? Anyways as I looked at the clutch fluid...
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    Clutch plate

    My 98 sahara is hard to shift gears. Almost impossible at times to get into 1st and 2nd gear. Last time I had a shop replace my clutch and clutch plate it was well over 1000.00. Is this something I can do? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Tire rack question

    Could someone walk me through the process of ordering through tire rack? I went on the website and found the tire I like but does that price include installation and balance? Or how much more is installation and balance? How was the whole experience?
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    Coil spring question

    My front passenger coil spring slid over against the back of the wheel assembly. Anyone experience this and know what causes that? I have a picture but it's hard to tell.
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    Free Extreme Terrain Parts Magazine

    While browsing the net for a part for my Jeep, I came across this Free Extreme Terrain Parts Magazine for Jeeps. Thought I'd share for something for all yall to read. I'm not involved with them in any way, shape or form. This isn't a spam. Just passing a long something cool, I found. I filled...
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    Coil springs bump stop

    I'm new at this so those of you that helped so far thank you. I measured from the bottom of my coil spring to just below the top perch pad. And came up roughly with 3.5". So that's my lift???? Plus I have a 1" body lift. I'm assuming that's the bushings between the rear bumper and and body as...
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    Coil spring questions

    To take off my coil springs, can I also take off sway link and shock first to have more access with a coil spring compressor? Do I need to jack the front of jeep up first? After I get the coil spring off will the jeep lean down bc the shock and sway link are also off? How do I know what...
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    Should I reuse this washer on the end of sway bar link?

    The bottom of my sway link has a spacer bolt on it. Am I supposed to pry that off and reuse it?
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    Removing sway bar end links on 98 Sahara

    I broke loose all the bolts. The Sahara comes with a lift kit already, I assume. So there is "u" bracket on top of the Sway end link. Not a ball type joint I see on most tj end links. Anyways that won't come off unless I turn the u joint. But first I have to take the bottom part of the end link...