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    Built 32RH Automatic Transmission?

    2000 4.0 Does anyone build a bulletproof auto trans? The trans in my TJ is showing signs it’s near the end. Since my Main use of the Jeep is plowing I’d like to get it done this summer.
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    Speedo / Converter Lockup

    2000 TJ 4.0 Auto 152K Yesterday I started driving the Speedometer started going from actual speed of 35 to all over even down to a six o’clock position during this time the converter went into lockup mode. All this happened for about 20 seconds after that it was fine . Any ideas?
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    2000 TJ Vibration Issue

    2000 TJ 4.0 Auto I've got just over 152K on the clock of witch 5K are from me. It always had a vibration at around 67- 69 MPH in the back. The steering wheel doesn't shake. So the 1st thing I did before bringing it back to Ohio was put new rubber on it. Also did 2 X spin balancing of the tires...
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    Hello, 1st time Jeep owner from Ohio

    This past March I was visiting my daughter in Phoenix, and found a 2000 TJ Sierra. White w/Tan hardtop 145K 4.0 auto AC Factory AM FM CD. Lady owner bone stock. I put new rubber on it in AZ and drove it back home to Ohio without any issues. I've had many people ask if its a couple yrs old to...